Shows "O"

21. Melodrame 22. Melodrame 23. Finale Act II - "Hail! the welcome danger that recalls me! ... (What a cursèd accident befalls me!) ... (For a time, at least, the tempest's o'er) ..." Act III - The Park of the Château D'Artemare, three days later. Entr'acte 24. Chorus - "Hang the kettle up to warm, and stir the brushwood fire! Here the village lasses swarm, with all that we require! Soldiers have such an air! ..." 25. Song - Patatout and Chorus - "A prudent girl, at fall of night, the shortcut home should always take; above all, if some village wight should see her in..." 26. Duet - Marcel and Gaston - "Soldier! alerte! Nor dream of home and beauty! ... That will be hard, but, captain, it is well! ... Sentinel! 'tis well! ..." 27. Trio - Murielle, Marquis and Marcel - "You give consent? .. Yes! .. 'Tis your intent? .. Yes! .. No room for doubt! .. I may not doubt, yet cannot make it out!" 28. Rustic Air - Fraisette and Chorus - "Tho' poor Fraisette in fine brocade and silk array'd be, and tho' he bade the servants all to call me lady! ..." 29. Melodrame 30. Melodrame 31. Finale Act III - "Duty bids me march away, Love's too true to bid me stay! Think not, comrades, that my dearer life ere shall make me falter in the strife..." Additional Songs: • Maire's Song - Poupart and Chorus - "I am a most tremendous local swell, who admiration must compel ... " • Duet - Marquis and Poupart - "It seems to me but yesterday, although so very long ago, that you and I (I blush to say) were look'd upon as far from slow..." • Song - Poupart - "At the first I was nervous on ent'ring the service, with goose-step and barrack-drilling, one, two, three! ..." • Song - Gaston - "The lovers' hour is nigh; from belfry old, hark! the angelus is chiming. Light foot and glancing eye with shepherd pipe..." CAST • Polydore Poupart Mayor of the village of Maçon • Monsieur de Volteface Envoy of Napoleon • Gaston de la Rochenoire • Captain Marcel • Sergeant Caramel • The Marquis d'Artemare • Fraisette • Murielle • Follow-the-Drum a vivandière SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1- The Village Inn at Vaudrez-les-Vignes near Macon in Burgundy. Act 2 - The Hall of the Château D'Artemare, that night. Act 3 - The Park of the Château D'Artemare, three days later.