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OLD FATHER TIME Book, music & lyrics by David Wood First presented at the Queen’s Theatre, Hornchurch in 1976 SYNOPSIS More a musical play for children than a pantomime, yet with lots of audience participation, Old Father Time is set in and around London and in various different centuries. The inconceivable happens when Big Ben stops! Old Father Time, who lives in Big Ben and controls time, realises that he is locked in combat with the villainous Flying Sauceress, who manages to steal his almanac, containing the mystic secrets of his trade. The colourful storyline takes Old Father Times, his charlady, Mrs. Sparkle, and his Watchdog on a quest through time, involving cavemen, Guy Fawkes, a baby Dinosaur and Dodger and Bodger, a pair of buskers. CAST • Dinosaur • Bodger - A Gypsy Busker • A Japanese Tourist • Guy Fawkes • A Window Cleaner • Admiral of the Fleet • Old Father Time • Mrs Sparkle - A Charlady • A German Tourist • Old Father Time's Watchdog • The Sauceress • Dodger - A Gypsy Busker (Bodger's Father) • The Prime Minister • Head Caveman • A Postman • The Lord Mayor= • A Roadsweeper • Lady Mayoress • Sgt Watchit • Head Yeoman of the Guard • Beefeater Conspiritors, Cavemen, American Tourists, etc INSTRUMENTATION Keyboards; Bass; Drums; Harp