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Church, that Debbie’s hobbies include needlepoint and jazz-aerobics, that Mary is an avid fan of Roller Derby, and that Mike’s secret ambition is to play the Mexican Hat Dance at the Chicago White Sox stadium (“Getting Acquainted”). Mike then reads a poem and sings a romantic song (“Iris”). Mary and Debbie respond with a duet about how we would be nothing without love in our lives (“The End of the World”). Debbie steps forward and confesses that the entire cast wouldn’t be anything if it weren’t for music. She insists that they owe it all to a woman who happens to be in the audience: their music teacher, Miss Hazel Reeves. Debbie leads the audience in applause and the four actors celebrate and honour the woman who taught them so much (“Dear Miss Reeves”). They then play one of her favourite songs (“Coaxing the Ivories”). Next, the four of them are ready to do a song of which they are especially proud... because it’s an original! It brings back memories of a special time that they all shared together on the high school Mixed Chorus trip to Knott’s Berry Farm (“Bus Ride”) Eventually, they all join in for a more sentimental song (“By the Sweet By and By”). Before finishing off the evening for good, they remind the audience that there is punch and cookies out in the lobby. Sure, they see a lot of old faces out there, but they’d also like to meet all of the new ones, too. They also want to thank some very special people: Mr. Laverne and the audio-visual club, and their very own mothers and fathers who waited in the car while they took music lessons. They conclude the performance with a high-energy number (“My Old Kentucky Rock and Roll Home”). Following the bows, an encore number is performed to thank the place that made all of their musical dreams come true, Oil City High (“Oil City Finale”). MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Count Your Blessings 2. Czardas 3. A Classical Selection - The Anvil Chorus 4. A Popular Selection - In a Gadda-Da-Vida 5. Ohio Afternoon 6. Baby It's Cold Outside 7. The Hokey Pokey 8. Beaver Ball at the Bug Club 9. Beehive Polka 10. A Patriotic Fantasy 11. Dizzy Fingers 12. Getting Acquainted 13. Iris 14. The End of the World 15. Dear Miss Reeves 16. Coaxing the Piano 17. Bus Ride 18. In the Sweet Bye and Bye 19. My Ol' Kentucky Rock and Roll HOme 20. Exodus 21. Sleigh Ride 22. The Christmas Medley 23. The Summer Medley CAST: - 2 men, 2 women INSTRUMENTATION: percussion, piano db. accordion, synthesizer, violin db. flute/tenor sax DISCOGRAPHY Oil City Symphony (1988 Original Off-Broadway Cast) by Oil City Symphony