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the women, who accuse him of operating on a "Double Standard," and Bobo, tired of the whole thing, walks out with Manzoni ("You're So Right for Me"). The Captain urges Maud to stay with him ("All the Time"), but she too decides to leave him. The Captain, broken by the sudden dissolution of his three paradises, gives Bobo and Manzoni his once-beloved ship. At the "Finale", the forgiving Maud returns, and is reconciled with her foolish Captain MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 1. A Very Proper Town - Captain Henry St. James, Company 2. Life Does a Man a Favor (When It Gives Him Simple Joys) - Mrs. Maud St. James, Captain Henry St. James 3. A Very Proper Week - English Townspeople 4. Life Does a Man a Favor (When It Leads Him Down to the Sea) - Captain Henry St. James, Enrico Manzoni, the Crew 5. Captain Henry St. James - Crew of the S.S. Paradise 6. The Dock Dance - Dockworkers 7. Three Paradises - Captain Henry St. James 8. Surprise - Mrs. Maud St. James, Neighbours 9. Life Does a Man a Favour (When It Puts Him in Paree) - Captain Henry St. James 10. Hey Madame - Captain Henry St. James, Lisa 11. Femininity - Bobo 12. It's Never Quite the Same - Enrico Manzoni, Crew 13. It's Never Quite the Same (reprise) - Mrs. Maud St. James, Enrico Manzoni, Crew 14. We're Not Children - Mrs. Maud St. James, A Spaniard 15. Give It All You Got - Mae, Tourists 16. Love Is Hell - Mae, Ladies of the Ensemble 17. Keep It Simple - Bobo, Dancing Companions ACT 2 18. The Morning Music of Montmartre - Mae, People of Montmartre 19. You Don't Know Him - Bobo, Mrs. Maud St. James 20. I've Been There and I'm Back - Enrico Manzoni, Captain Henry St. James 21. Double Standard - Bobo, Mrs. Maud St. James 22. All the Time - Captain Henry St. James 23. You're So Right for Me - Enrico Manzoni, Bobo 24. All the Time (reprise) - Mrs. Maud St. James 25. Finale - Entire Company CAST: - Male - 10 : Female - 6 - (in order of appearance): • Captain Henry St. James • Mrs. Maud St. James • Enrico Manzoni • The Crew, S.S.. Paradise • A Clerk • The Neighbours • Lisa • Bobo • The Guide • A Spaniard • Mae English Townspeople, Dockworkers, Tourists, Parisians