Shows "O"

6. O.P.E.C. Maiden - Western Mousada, Revolutionaries 7. A Man - Eastern Mousada 8. How Do You Want Me? (reprise) Saroyana 9. Tell Sweet Saroyana - Eastern Mousada, Western Habim, Arabs 10. What Do I Tell People This Time? - Saroyana 11. O.P.E.C. Maiden (reprise) - Musica, Women 12. A Loud and Funny Song - Saroyana, Musica, Fatatatima 13. The Chase - Full Company 14. I To the World (reprise) - Western Mousada, Western Habim, Eastern Mousada, Eastern Habim 15. Oh, Brother! - Full Company DISCOGRAPHY: Oh Brother! (Original Broadway Cast Recording) [By Michael Valenti and Donald Driver]