Shows "O"

CAST • Noah Little, an office boy • Rider Little, a famous jockey: • Tobias Van Twiller • Damon Ketcham • Pythias Cheatham • Reggy Higgins • Percy Wiggins • McNab • Scales • Euphemia • Claire de Lune • Paquita • Jeanette • F/orine • First Messenger in Law Office • Second Messenger in Law Office • Miss Harvard, Miss Yale, Guests of Van Twiller • Spike Muggins • Thug Magafa Typewriter girls, telephone girls, clerks, guests, bookmakers and jockeys. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: Law Offices of Ketcham and Cheatham. Act 2: Van Twiller's villa and private race course. MUSICAL NUMBERS (Vocal Score) ACT I - Law Offices of Ketcham and Cheatham. Overture 1. Opening Ensemble - "First, put the date! May, twenty-three! ... May, twenty-three! ... Year A.D. Nineteenhundred-three! ... Now you may address it..." 2. Song - Damon and Chorus - "At his desk all day, in methodical way, sits the New York business man; he has cunning and dash in pursuing the cash..." 3. Bohemia Song - Claire, with Reggy, Percy and Chorus - "You see in me a Diva of the opera known as grand; in Wagner I'm the brightest of the lights..." 4. Duet - Noah and Euphemia - "To adequately prove the greatness of my love, to do the wildest deeds I would be proud; if you but say the word, I'll soar..." 5. Trio - Noah, Paquita and Rider - "When I am out to win a race ... Hoop-la! What a race! ... Of jockeys he's a certain ace! ... Hoop-la! Sets the pace..." 6. Song - Noah and others - "If you don't know the girl I am going to wed, you have miss'd a great deal, that is all to be said; her hair it is auburn..." 7. Song - Euphemia - "Men have nearly always been deceivers, so poets right frequently tell, yet they're always sure to find believers in every innocent belle..." 8. Finale Act I - "Far from city's dust and heat, gladly we would have vacation; seeking rest and recreation in some countrified retreat..." ACT II - Van Twiller's villa and private race course. Entr'Acte 9. Opening Ensemble - "Patrons of the turf are we, of the smartest sort; long on dress as you will see, but rather short on sport; what we do not know..." 10. Song - Euphemia and Chorus - "I like to be a hero's bride, a hero military; to all things martial I am partial. The fife and drum so airy, take your civilians..." 11. Trio - Noah, Van Twiller and Euphemia - "All superstition is not dead, as people oft' infer. Some signs there are which fill with dread whenever they occur." 12. Song - Claire - "Last summer I was stopping at a hotel by the sea, and quite a score of handsome youths made violent love to me..." (4 verses) 13. Burglars' Trio and Dance - Claire, Percy and Reggy - "There is something captivating, there's a lot that's fascinating in an enterprising criminal career..." 14. Ballad - Euphemia and Chorus - "My heart is in my keeping, I'll give it where I choose. The smiles are mine or weeping, if suitors I refuse..." 15. Finale Act II - "Then we take a train for Bohemia, we haven't far to go; a bright café, where all is gay and you find those folks you know..."