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THE OFFICE BOY A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts. Book and lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Based on the French farce Le Jockey malgré lui by Maurice Ordonneau and Paul Gavault. Music by Ludwig Englander. Hammerstein's Victoria Theatre, New York - 2nd November, 1903 - 2nd January, 1904 (66 perfs). SYNOPSIS Noah Little is an office menial in the firm of Ketchum and Cheatum. When Noah falls in love with an office girl, he lies to her father that he is a member of the firm. Later he is confused with a famous jockey and forced to ride in a race. Just before closing time, the offices of Ketchum and Cheatum are humming with activity—girls typing and boys busily running errands. A bell sounds and the staff leaves, wondering where Noah has disappeared to. The office manager turns out the lights, and the office is dark and still. Burglars enter through a window. They head directly for a large safe. Failing to jimmy it, they blow it open. Out rolls a sleeping Noah and outs everything to rights. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Opening Chorus (First, put the date!) - Pythias, Chorus 2. After Business Hours (Song) - Damon, Jeanette, Florine, Chorus 3. Bohemia (Song) - Claire de Lune, Percy, Reggy, Chorus 4. I Thought Wrong - (Music by R. G. Knowles. Lyrics by Richard Morton.) - Noah, Company 5. Will You Be My Hero, Noble Sir? (Duet) - Noah, Euphemia 6. Because He Told Me So (Waltz Song) - Euphemia 7. Plain Mamie O'Hooley (Quartette) - Noah, Claire de Lune, Percy, Reggy 8. Finale Act I - Noah, Company 9. Opening Chorus Act II (Patrons of the turf are we) 10. If I Were the Bride of a Soldier (Song of the Drum and Fife) - Euphemia, Chorus 11. I'm on the Water Wagon Now (Music by John W. Bretton. Lyrics by Paul West.) - Noah 12. Signs (Song) - Noah, Euphemia, Tobias 13. Summer Proposals (Song) - Claire de Lune 14. An Embassy Burglarious (The Burglars) (Quartette) - Claire de Lune, Damon, Percy, Reggy 15. A Maiden's Heart (Ballad) - Euphemia, Chorus 16. Finale Act II - Noah, Company Items interpolated for touring productions • "Trials of a Simple Maid" (Music by Robert Hood Bowers. Lyrics by Raymond Peck.) - Clara Belle Jerome • "I Never Had to Work" (Music and Lyrics by Benjamin Hapgood Burt.) - Noah, Chorus • "The Proper Way to Kiss" (Music by Theodore Morse. Lyrics by Raymond Browne.) * [ Published in vocal score as "Because I Love You So."]- Noah, Euphemia • "When the Band Plays Ragtime" (Music and Lyrics by Bob Cole and James Weldon Johnson. - Claire de Lune • "The Trials of a Simple Maid" (Music by Robert Hood Bowers. Lyrics by Raymond Peck.) - Claire de Lune