Shows "O"

OFF THE RECORD A Revue - (straight from the Summer Season at Blackpool) Victoria Palace Theatre, London - 1 November, 1954 The Cast included: Eddie Calvert, Nat Jackley, Marianne Lincoln, Arthur Worsley, Ronald Rogers, The Kentones, The De Vere Girls and Brennan's Modern Minstrels Staged by James Brennan PROGRAMME 1. OVERTURE- THEATRE ORCHESTRA Under the direction of HAROLD HADDOCK 2. HOLIDAY TIME The Couriers - Ken Flower, Leslie Want and Vincent O’Hagen The Holidaymaker - Celia Wright The Spirit of Entertainment - Marianne Lincoln and The De Vere Girls 3. THE NEW DISCOVERIES Nat Jackley and His Gang 4. NEATH SOUTHERN SKIES (a) Granada Ronald Rogers and Ensemble (b) The Falcons - Britain’s Famous Crazy Dance Team 5. THE KENTONES Three Hits and a “ Miss “ 6. LET’S HAVE A PARTY WITH MARIANNE 7. MOTHER’S DAY The Mother - Nat Jackley The Child - Jimmy Clitheroe 8. THE FOUNTAINS OF VERSAILLES The Ladies of the Court - The De Vere Girls WALTZING WATERS Jimmy Curries Latest and Greatest Water Spectacle (Patent Nos. 605499 and 680235) 9. TOP HAT AND TAILS - The De Vere Royal Command Performance Girls 10. ARTHUR WORSLEY - T.V.’s Ace Ventriloquist 11. PIANO SYMPHONY - The De Vere Girls and introducing Ronald Rogers 12. BRENNAN’S HOLIDAY CAMP Campers - Nat Jackley and Sonnie Willis Yokel - Sammy Curtis Runner - Dennis Murray Camp Hostess - Marianne Lincoln Camp Attendant - Leslie Want 13. THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN TRUMPET - Eddie Calvert 14. BRENNAN’S MODERN MINSTRELS The Company