Shows "O"

SCENE AND SETTINGS Act 1 Scene 1: Main Street. Scene 2: A Hotel Room. Scene 3: Atlantic City. Scene 4: Madison Square Garden. Scene 5: Election Night. Scene 6: Washington. Act 2 Scene 1: The White House. Scene 2: The Capitol. Scene 3: The Senate. Scene 4: Again the White House. Scene 5: The Yellow Room. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Wintergreen for President - Ensemble 2. Who Is the Lucky Girl To Be? - Diane Deveraux, Ensemble 3. The Dimple on My Knee - Diane Deveraux, Sam Jenkins, Ensemble 4. Because, Because - Diane Deveraux, Sam Jenkins, Ensemble 5. Finaletto: 6. (As the Chairman of the Committee)- Matthew Fulton, Company 7. (How Beautiful) - Company 8. Never Was There a Girl So Fair - Company 9. Some Girls Can Bake a Pie - John P. Wintergreen, Company 10. Love Is Sweeping the Country - Sam Jenkins, Miss Benson, Ensemble 11. Of Thee I Sing - John P. Wintergreen, Mary Turner, Company 12. Entrance of Supreme Court Justices - Supreme Court Justices 13. (Here's) a Kiss for Cinderella - John P. Wintergreen, Ensemble 14. I Was the Most Beautiful Blossom - Diane Deveraux 15. Some Girls Can Bake a Pie (reprise) - John P. Wintergreen, Diane Deveraux, Judges, Ensemble 16. Hello, Good Morning - Sam Jenkins, Miss Benson, Secretaries 17. Who Cares? - John P. Wintergreen, Mary Turner, Reporters 18. Finaletto: 19. Garçon, S'il vous plaît - French Soldiers 20. Entrance of French Ambassador - French Ambassador, Ensemble 21. The Illegitimate Daughter - French Ambassador, Ensemble 22. Because, Because (reprise) - Diane Deveraux, Ensemble 23. We'll Impeach Him - Senator Robert E. Lyons, Francis X. Gilhooley, Ensemble 24. (Who Cares?) (reprise) - John P. Wintergreen, Mary Turner 25. The (Senatorial) Roll Call - Alexander Throttlebottom, Ensemble 26. Finaletto: 27. Impeachment Proceeding - Alexander Throttlebottom, Matthew Fulton, Louis Lippman, Francis X. Gilhooley, Senator Robert E. Lyons, Senator Carver Jones, Senate Clerk, Ensemble 28. Garçon, S'il Vous Plaît (reprise) - French Ambassador, French Soldiers 29. The Illegitimate Daughter (reprise) - French Ambassador, French Soldiers 30. Jilted - Diane Deveraux, Company 31. Who Could Ask For Anything More? (I'm About to Be a Mother) - Mary Turner, Company 32. Posterity (Is Just Around the Corner) - John P. Wintergreen, Company 33. Trumpeter, Blow Your (Golden) Horn - Ensemble 34. Finale: (On That Matter No One Budges) - (Entire Company DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast Recording - Broadway Angel ZDM 2435 65025 2 9