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OVER SHE GOES A musical tantiy in 2 Acts by Stanley Lupino; additional dialogue by Arty Ash. Lyrics by Desmond Carter and Frank Eyton. Music by Billy Mayerl. Saville Theatre, London - 23rd September, 1936 - 22nd May, 1937 (248 perfs). SYNOPSIS Lord Harry Drewsden, the new heir, has moved into Drewsden Towers, newly enriched and ennobled because of the disappearance and presumed death of his uncle. He shares his good fortune with two partners, BillyBowler and Tommy Teacher - all three were formerly part of a third-rate, none-to-successful music-hall act. All three are also engaged to be married: Harry to Pamela, Billy to Kitty Deardon, and Tommy to Dolly Jordon. But suddenly Alice Mayhill re-appears. She was Harry’s former fiancée but she jilted him when he had no prospects and no money. Now he has a title and wealth she threatens a breach of promise action, waving a compromising letter as her evidence. Lord Harry and friends try and fail to steal the letter, and then come up with a scheme: Tommy will impersonate Lord Harry’s uncle come to life again and so convince the gold-digging Alice that Harry is once again a poor music hall performer. Because Tommy has disappeared (he is now pretending to be the dead Uncle) a worried Dolly suspects foul play and calls in the police to investigate. Things get more complicated when the bully-boy Silas Morner starts courting Dolly, and ends up being arrested for Tommy’s “murder”. To add even more to the confusion, the REAL Lord Drewsden turns up, not dead after all. Silas ends up with Alice, and the three men go back to the music-hall, this time including the three girls and working as a sextet. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Huntin’ People - Ensemble 2. Country Wedding - Pamela, Dolly, Kitty, Harry, Tommy & Billy 3. I Breathe on Windows - Harry and Pamela 4. The Dance Goes On - Kitty and Ensemble 5. Side by Side Harry, Tommy and Billy 6. Opening Chorus Act II - Enseble 7. We Police - Inspector Giffneck, Sgt Oliver & Policemen 8. Yes! No! - Tommy 9. Turn On The Taps - Dolly & the Boys 10. Mine’s A Hopeless Case - Pamela, Harry and Ensmble 11. Speed Cop - Sgt Oliver aand the Girls 12. Over She Goes - Harry, Tommy & Billy 13. Fianle - Full Company CAST • Alfred Worthington - Harry Gould • Maid - Lorna Tarbat/Gilly Flower • Johnny - John Fitzroy Pamela - Adele Dixon • Lord Harry Drewsden - Eric Fawcett • Kitty Deardon - Sally Gray • Billy Bowler - Laddie Cliff • Tommy Teacher - Stanley Lupino • Dolly Jordon - Teddie St Denis • Alice Mayhill - Barbara Francis • Silas Morner - Barry O'Neill • Lady Erica Drewsden - Doris Rogers • Inspector Giffnock - Syd Walker • Sergeant Oliver - Richard Murdoch • The Body - Fred Hearne