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point. Times have changed. something with which the older Jessie has eventually come co terms. In 1963, her indefatigable sister Rosie makes her audition for Mrs Dale's Diary on the radio. Jessie gets the part, making her a household name again — albeit a sadder and wiser one. In the Finale, we remember how Jessie Matthews' high-kicks, doe-eyed charm and joie de vivre made her — for too brief a while - one of the biggest stars in the world. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Overture (Over My Shoulder) 2. Chick, Chick, Chickem (Over My Shoulder) 3. Parisien Pierrot (London Calling) 4. Got To Dance My Way To Heaven (It's Love Again) 5. My Heart Stood Still (One Damn Thing After Another) 6. A Room With a View (This Year of Grace) 7. Three Wishes (The Good Companions) 8. Over My Shoulder (Evergreen) 9. Everybody's In Rhythm With My Heart (First a Girl) 10. It's Love Again (It's Love Again) 11. Gangway (Gangway) 12. May I Have the Next Romance With You? (Head Over Heels) 13. Over My Shoulder (Reprise) (Evergreen) 14. Dancing On the Ceiling (Evergreen) 15. After All These Years (TomThumb) 16. When You've Got a Little Springtime In Your Heart (Evergreen) 17. Finale (Over My Shoulder) CAST: with original cast members • Anne Rogers - Jessie Matthews • Suzy Bloom - Young Jessie • Abigail Langham - Rosie Matthews • Stephen Carlile - Palace Flunkey • Andrew Halliday - Odd Job Man • Duncan Wisbey - Charles B Cochran • Ben Stock - Pianist • Daniel Fine - Felipe • Stephen Carlile - Harry Lytton • Andrew Halliday - Sonnie Hale • Ben Stock - Victor Saville • Daniel Fine - Buddy • Abigail Langham - Sheilah Graham • Stephen Carlile - Fred Astaire • Duncan Wisbey - Bing Crosby • Daniel Fine - Reporter Director/Choreography Stewart Nicholls Costumes Ilona Karas Prokopcova Lighting Mike Robertson DISCOGRAPHY: Original London Cast Recording - TER CDTER 1265 - no longer avaiable