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At. night, June finally consents to sacrificing her ideals in the cause of war and shares a sleeper with Bill. Suddenly he declares he won't sleep with June unless they're married — an immediate cause for celebration. As the trip continues, the train is suddenly sidetracked to allow another train, carrying FDR, to move ahead. Everybody is excited at the sight of the president, who smiles and waves his hand, except Sam, the black porter, who is fully aware that he is not invited to the "Big Party," and who explains in his own jive to the Sarge that he is no dupe. After seven days, the spirits of the passengers start to get frayed, and the mood sullen. Even Paulette, whose optimism has often been a source of cheerfulness, seems to feel blue. In order to restore morale, the Office of War Information, in the person of Spokesman, goes ahead with the intended broadcast and gives the passengers a chance to reveal their dreams for the future. Utah, a young recruit who is incredibly idealistic, and Donna, a waitress who gave up her job to work in a defence plant, oblige. Even the DePauls get their opportunity to make it to the Big Time, with some help from Mitzi. The sisters don't know that Mitzi inserted a Morse-code message into their song, but Lucky is able to decipher it. Suspicion falls upon Mitzi, and, when in a "patriotic" effort to prove she is an American she sings the second chorus of the national anthem, she is unmasked — "no real American knows the second verse to the 'Star-Spangled Banner'. Fortunately, the broadcast has not been aired: Utah somehow had wired the sound system incorrectly. And that is part of the memories of World War II from the American home-front: a time with a united purpose and common fears, a communal effort, radio news broadcasts, big bands, snapshots, small towns, fast embraces, and No Goodbyes. CAST (in order of appearance) • Make-out • Norwin Spokesman. • Father • Mother • Rankin • Donna • Wilma • Maggie • Mitzi • Misfit • Utah • Lucky • Sarge • Sam • June • Bill • Pauline de Paul • Paulette de Paul MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. The Beat Begins (Overture) 2. The Big Band. - Company 3. Since You're Not Around - Make-Out, Company 4. Over Here - Pauline, Paulette 5. Buy a Victory Bond - Company 6. My Dream for Tomorrow - June, Company 7. Charlie's Place - Pauline, Maggie, Lucky, The Big Band, Company 8. Hey Yvette / The Grass Grows Green - Norwin, Rankin, Father 9. My Dream for Tomorrow (reprise) - June, Bill 10. The Good-Time Girl - Paulette, Company 11. Wait for Me Marlena - Mitzi, Company 12. We Got It - Paulette, Pauline, Mitzi, Company 13. The Beat Continues (Entre'Acte) - The Big Band, Company 14. Wartime Wedding - Paulette, Pauline, Company 15. Don't Shoot the Hooey to Me, Louie - Sam 16. Where Did the Good Times Go? - Paulette 17. Dream Drummin' / Soft Music - Misfit, The Big Band, Company 18. he Big Beat - Paulette, Pauline, Mitzi 19. No Goodbyes - Paulette, Pauline, Company DISCOGRAPHY Over Here! (Original Broadway Cast Recording)