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show. In Regina's Dream the Sisters recreate Reverend Mother's appearance in The Fifth From the Right. Sister Amnesia has returned from her search just in time for the number. When the piece concludes and Reverend Mother leaves the stage, Sister Amnesia confesses that she has been in the casino (forbidden by Reverend Mother) and has won a bundle of cash. She thinks Sister Mary Annette may have been kidnapped and will require a ransom. She explains what happened in What's Black and White with Her Money on Red? Sister Robert Anne tells her to hide the money in the dressing room. The act ends with all of the Sisters participating in a musical version of the Hindenburg as envisioned by Cirque du Soleil. Reverend Mother, in a huge headpiece, portrays the dirigible in Cirque du Blimp, culminating in a reprise of Life Is a Game of Chance. Act Two opens with an Entr'acte played by the band segueing into a short version of Life Is a Game of Chance. This leads into a personal conversation between Sister Robert Anne and Sister Mary Leo. Sister Leo is questioning her vocation, given her frustrations with her dance career. She tells Sister Robert Anne of a boy she used to date in I Left HimThere. Sister Robert Anne confides some of her own uncertainties, but is convinced they have both made the right choice. As Sister Leo leaves, Reverend Mother returns. At the same time Sister Robert Anne gets a call on her mobile phone from Sister Amnesia who is in the dressing room trying to warn Robert Anne that Reverend Mother has discovered the money. Too late! She has found the money in Sister Robert Anne's locker and confronts her. Sister Robert Anne explains the whole story about the ransom and volunteers to return the money knowing of Reverend Mother's attitude about the evils of gambling. Much to Robert Anne's surprise, Reverend Mother says that she forgot to mention the blessings of gambling and tells her to put the money back in the dressing room. The mood lightens when Sister Hubert and Reverend Mother discuss the "history of the show-girl" and illustrate it with Sin City Sue. This segues into another vaudeville routine - More Shtick. During the vaudeville routine the stage is set for Sister Hubert and Reverend Mother to hawk their "Sin City Souvenirs" followed by their duet Double or Nothin'. Then, unexpectedly, Sister Amnesia appears with Sister Mary Annette. It seams Sister Mary Annette was off auditioning for the "puppet" musical, Avenue Q and has been offered a part. She relates the experience in A Little Goes a Long Way. No show of the Sisters' would be complete without an appearance by "The Saint Andrews Sisters of Hoboken" and this time they are California dreaming in Hollywood 'n' Vinyl. They end the scene with More Shtick. As they exit, Sister Robert Anne has the stage to herself to perform Why Sing a Ballad (When You Can Belt a Show Tune.) Returning, the Sisters are stunned to learn that the Hoboken parishioner who talked them into coming to Las Vegas for $10,000 had actually accepted a challenge from the owner of the casino. The owner bet $50,000 that the Sisters would refuse to appear. They are furious and think they should sue the owner who turns out to be a student who was expelled by Reverend Mother years before. Cooler heads prevail when Sister Hubert takes charge saying they are going to do something that people who win money in Vegas never do - they are going to take the $10,000 plus the money Sister Amnesia won and head for home. They don "Village People" hats and sing Take the Money and Run (T-T-M-'N'-R.) They wave good-by as they once again reprise Life Is a Game of Chance. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture/Life Is a Game of Chance 2. T. & A. 3. What Plays in Vegas 4. The -Ettes 5. From Vaudeville to Vegas 6. When the Chips Are Down 7. The Fifth From the Right 8. What's Black & White With Her Money On Red? 9. Cirque Du Blimp