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offers some very unusual items for Christmas. When Reverend Mother is summoned upstairs to talk to the police about the stolen presents, Sister Robert Anne sings her 'big number' All I Want for Christmas. There is a "sing-along" based on the titles of 25 popular Christmas carols that everyone knows. As the evening moves toward the finale we discover that the gifts in the convent weren't stolen at all...Sister Mary Amnesia had given them to a poor family. Realising how selfish they had been, Sister Hubert leads a hand-clapping, foot-stomping, gospel song entitled It's Better to Give Than to Receive. The show includes some traditional carols in the overture and as underscoring, plus some Christmas Carol spoofs including Here We Come-a-Waffle-ing and The Holly and the Ivory. Of course, the show is filled with the traditional Nunsense sense of humour and one-liners that have made the three previous Nunsense shows so popular. CAST • Reverend Mother Regina • Sister Mary Hubert • Sister Robert Anne • Sister Mary Paul (Amnesia) • Father Virgil Manly Trott (Sister Leo's brother) • In addition there are two young boys and two young girls (Mount Saint Helen's students). MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Christmas Time Is Nunsense Time 2. We Wish You a Merry Christmas 3. I'm Santa's Little Teapot 4. Twelve Days Prior to Christmas - Sister Mary Annette 5. The Christmas Box - Father Virgil 6. Santa Ain't Comin' to Our HOuse - Sister Mary Amnesia 7. An Old Time Carnival Christmas - Reverend Mother 8. Ballet 9. Three Hundred and Sixty-Four Days - Company 10. Jesus Was Born In Brooklyn - Sister Robert Anne 11. In the Convent (It's a Wonderful, Nun-derful Life) - Sister Mary Hubert and Reverend Mother 12. We Three Kings of Orient Are Us! - The Saint Andrews Sisters, of Hoboken 13. All I Want For Christmas - Sister Robert Anne 14. It's Better to Give Than To Receive - Sister Hubert 15. Here We Come a Waffle-ing 16. The Holly and the Ivory INSTRUMENTATION: Piano ; Keyboard Synthesizer (Lower keyboard - Bass, Upper keyboard - Colour Registrations); Violin (one solo violin and optional auxiliary percussion: Bongo Drums & Tambourine ring); Percussion Bells, Crotales, Chimes, Xylophone, Grandfather Clock Chimes, Trap Drum Set - Snare Drum Bass Drum Bongo Drums Tom Toms (mounted & floor) Cymbals (Splash, Crash, Ride & Hi-Hat) Triangle Sleigh Bells Sandpaper Blocks Tambourine Tambourine Ring Cow Bell Wood Blocks Mark Tree Bell Tree Car Horn Slide Whistle DISCOGRAPHY Nuncrackers - Original Cast Recording