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monument. Sarah tells Albert she's in love with Mike, and Albert takes steps. He goes to her sister to ask a favour. Eugenie must tell Sarah that Mike was in prison and, worse, to say that Mike told her all about it when they were together "listening to records." This happens, as planned, and has the expected effect. Sarah is appalled. Mike says he was in the Army in Vietnam, but he couldn't kill. For this he spent five years in the penitentiary. His mistake had been not being a conscientious objector in the first place. Albert and Sarah become engaged. The Centennial Celebration turns into a kind of trial. Eugenie, beautifully drunk, appears and shouts out the secret of Mike's past. When he speaks to defend himself, Mike finds himself in a kind of kangaroo court, surrounded by his peers. "Fire him!" shouts Herbert. And McKinley does. But it also becomes apparent to Sarah that Albert knew about Mike all along. And at last she sees through his sanctimonious disguise. Tommy says goodbye to Mike Butler. Tommy and Ramona are together now, and it is very clear that they, at least, are going to be all right. But what about Butler? He'll go to some other town, some town probably a good deal like this one. Tommy says maybe he'll be a teacher, too. They embrace. Now you just can't do a thing like that. Herbert Heller sees his boy Tommy embraced by this Commie queer and he gets his shotgun and fires it right at him. But of course Herbert, "true example of American manhood," gets elected Man of the Century anyway. So it's all right Even if he isn't much of a shot anymore. A man can't do everything well. All he can do is try. And "Now Is the Time for All Good Men to do just that!" — Charles Burr from the original LP jacket Musical Numbers 1. We Shall Meet in the Great Hereafter - Company 2. Keep 'Em Busy - Teachers 3. What's In The Air? - Mike Butler & Women 4. Tea In The Rain - Sarah Larkin & Mike Butler 5. Halloween Hayride/Katydid - Company 6. See Everything New Mike Butler & Sarah Larkin 7. Stuck-Up - Eugenie Seldon & Women 8. He Could Show Me - Sarah Larkin 9. All Alone - Mike Butler 10. My Holiday - Sarah Larkin, Mike Butler & Women 11. Down Through History - Tommy & Ramona 12. Good Enough For Grandpa - Company 13. A Simple Life - Albert McKinley 14. A Star On The Monument - Herbert Heller 15. Rain Your Love On Me - Mike Butler & Sarah Larkin 16. There's Goin' To Be A Wedding - Company 17. Finale: Quintet - Tommy, Mike Butler, Ramona, Herbert Heller & Woman DISCOGRAPHY Now Is the Time for All Good Men (1967 Original Off-Broadway Cast)