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and begs him to help Esmeralda (“Mon maitre, mon sauveur”). Frollo, finally driven insane, shows him the sight of Esmeralda being hanged and to Quasimodo’s horror announces that he is responsible. As he laughs wildly, the enraged Quasimodo seizes him and hurls him down the stairs of the tower to his death. As the executioners are cutting down Esmeralda’s body from the gibbet, Quasimodo appears and demands that they give him her body (“Donnez-la moi”). Driving them away, he kneels beside her body and mourns her, promising to stay with her and that even in death they will not be parted (“Danse, mon Esmeralda”). After the curtain call, Gringoire leads the cast in a reprise of “Le temps des cathédrales”. Original London Cast: • Tina Arena/ Hazel Fernandes - Esmeralda • Steve Balsamo/Dean Collinson - Phoebus • Garou/Ian Pirie - Quasimodo • Daniel Lavoie/Fred Johanson - Frollo • Luck Mervil/Carl Abraham Ellis - Clopin • Bruno Pelletier/Alexis James - Gringoire • Natasha St-Pierre/Kate Pinell - Fleur-De-Lys Dancers Cynthia Akanga-Guibard; Stéphane Boko; Rod Buchanan; Darren Charles; Anthony Chasset; Florence Deretz; Miki Ferguson; Ema Gilbert; Nathan Gladwell; Inés Hernandez; Phénix Lin; Isire Makuloluwe; Alec Mann; Nuria Martinez; Amy Mason; Jorge More Calderon; Sharmila Murkeji; Jayne Pope; Richard Roe; Sandra Sevin; Giulio Scatola; Melanie Teall; Sorrell Thomas; Sô Verheugen Acrobats & Breakdancers Darren Haddrell; Jerome Jackson; Nicholas Lewis; Kader Nadjar; Yan Perrière; Matthieu Simard; Sébastien Stella; Alvin Tam; Neil Tended CAST: • Esmerelda • Phoebus • Quasimodo • Frollo • Clopin • Gringoire • Fleur-de-Lys