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PERIOD & COSTUMES: Paris and about France, the present: suits, coats, dresses, slacks, sweaters, body stockings (all very stylish in the most advanced designs). Leotards, sleeveless turtlenecks, white shirt for Jeanette, various high-fashion dresses and gowns being modelled. Housecoat. Evening dresses, negligée, comfortable old clothes, beach wear, bolero tops and tight pants, bikinis. CHOREOGRAPHY: Tableaux of various modelling scenes, modern, ballroom steps, fan-dance steps, ballet. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Dramatic lighting required. Photographic studio set consists almost entirely of special illuminated lighting units. Auto racing effects. NOTES: The orchestra is on-stage, and at times featured musicians rove about the action, playing their parts. In an attempt to soften the ending, one of the best numbers in the show, "Yankee Go Home," was cut. It still may appear in some scores for the show. It definitely does appear in the copy of the score Rodgers donated to the Library of Congress. DISCOGRAPHY No Strings (1962 Original Broadway Cast)