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CAST - 12 roles, 8 principals. Total cast, 35-45. • Barbara, exceptional singer, good actress (written for a Negro although no reference is made to race). • David, actor with legit voice. • Jeanette, typical French maid, petite, sings. • Luc, straight role. • Louis, handsome, stately actor who sings. • Comfort, character girl, sexy, good strong voice. Other principals sing. No female dancers, but 10-15 "mannequins." 6 male dancers No singing chorus. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. The Sweetest Sounds - Barbara Woodruff, David Jordan 2. How Sad - David Jordan 3. Loads of Love - Barbara Woodruff 4. The Man Who Has Everything - Louis de Portal 5. Be My Host - David Jordan, Comfort O'Donnell, Mike Robinson, Luc Delbert, Gabrielle Bertini, Dancers 6. La La La - Jeanette Valmy, Luc Delbert 7. You Don't Tell Me - Barbara Woodruff 8. Love Makes the World Go - Mollie Plummer, Comfort O'Donnell, Dancers 9. Nobody Told Me - David Jordan, Barbara Woodruff 10. Look No Further - David Jordan, Barbara Woodruff 11. Maine - David Jordan, Barbara Woodruff 12. An Orthodox Fool - Barbara Woodruff 13. Eager Beaver - Comfort O'Donnell, Mike Robinson, Dancers 14. No Strings - David Jordan, Barbara Woodruff 15. Maine (reprise) - Barbara Woodruff, David Jordan 16. The Sweetest Sounds (reprise) - David Jordan, Barbara Woodruff INSTRUMENTATION: Reed I (flute, alto sax), Reed II (clarinet, tenor sax), Reed III (clarinet, tenor sax), Reed IV (clarinet, bass clarinet, baritone sax), 2 trumpets, trombone, percussion, piano, bass SCENES AND SETS: Prologue, 2 acts, 10 scenes, written for rolling set pieces that tilt from one side to the other. 5 locations, requiring 9 separate sets. The action takes place in Paris, Monte Carlo, Honfleur, Deauville, and St. Tropez. Continuous action. ACT 1 • Prologue • Scene 1: Paris, Enormous Photographic Studio. • Scene 2: A Paris Street. (Scenery moves up and down to represent changing parts of Paris.) • Scene 3: Barbara's Apartment. • Scene 4: Monte Carlo Auto Races. ACT 2 • Scene 1: Honfleur - at the Edge of the Sea on the Normandy Coast. • Scene 2: House in Honfleur. • Scene 3: Deauville Casino. • Scene 4: A Beach Near St. Tropez. • Scene 5: Luc's Photographic Studio in Paris. • Scene 6: A Street in Paris.