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Actor appears as: HISKEY, WOMAN, and LOUISE. She is a rather serious, business-like woman with little patience. Also has a strong love of rock and roll. - Age: 25 to 35 Woman 4 Actor appears as: SMITH, GIRL, and MARIA. She is an exaggeratedly simple woman. Pretty and likable, but not the sharpest tool in the shed. - Age: 25 to 35 Woman 5 Actor appears as: ABERDEEN, ACTOR, and GOLDE. She is proud, self-conscious, and apologetic. Also wildly materialistic. - Age: 25 to 35 Woman 6 Actor appears as: LOOMIS, GOSSIP COLUMNIST, and ANNIE. She is completely over-the-top. Scheming, selfish, and money-hungry. - Age: 25 to 35 INSTRUMENTATION: percussion, piano, synthesizer