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that they can be married only to be brutally rejected by Guido in his desperate fixation with the next set-up, and which climaxes with Luisa, appalled and moved by his use of their intimacy—and even her words—as a source for the film, finally detonating with sadness and rage. Guido keeps the cameras rolling, capturing a scene of utter desolation—the women he loves, and Luisa whom he loves above all, littered like smashed porcelain across the frame of his hopelessly beautiful failure of a film. “Cut. Print!” The film is dead. The cast leaves. They all leave. Carla, with “Simple”—words from the articulate broken heart, Claudia with a letter from Paris to say that she has married, and Luisa in a shattering exit from a marriage that has, as she says, been ‘all of me’ (Be On Your Own). Guido is alone. “I Can’t Make This Movie” ascends into the scream of “Guido out in space with no direction,’ and he contemplates suicide. But, as the gun is at his head, there is a final life-saving interruption—from his nine-year-old self (Getting Tall), in which the young Guido points out it is time to move on. To grow up. And Guido surrenders the gun. As the women return in a reprise of the Overture (Reprises), but this time to let him go, only one is absent: Luisa. Guido feels the aching void left by the only woman he will ever love. In the 2003 Broadway production, as the boy led the women off into his own future to the strains of “Be Italian”, Luisa steps into the room on the final note, and Guido turned toward her—this time ready to listen. CAST • Guido Contini, film director • Little Guido, Contini as a child • Luisa Contini, his wife • Carla Albanese, his mistress • Claudia Nardi, his protégée • Guido's mother • Liliane La Fleur, his producer • Lina Darling • Stephanie Necrophorus • Our Lady of the Spa • Mama Maddelena • Sarraghina, a prostitute • Guido's three schoolmates • A nun His Italian admirers: - Diana, Maria, Francesca, Annabella, Giulietta, Renata and Gondolier His German admirers: - Olga von Sturm, Heidi von Sturm, Ilsa von Hesse and Gretchen von Krupf MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I 1. Overture Delle Donne – Company 2. Not Since Chaplin – Company 3. Guido’s Song – Guido 4. Not Since Chaplin - Reprise – Company 5. The Germans at the Spa – Maddelena, Italians and Germans 6. Not Since Chaplin - Reprise – Company 7. My Husband Makes Movies – Luisa 8. A Call from the Vatican – Carla 9. Only with You – Guido 10. The Script – Guido 11. Folies Bergeres – Lilli, Stephanie and Company 12. Nine – Guido’s Mother and Company 13. Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian – Saraghina, Boys and Company 14. The Bells of St. Sebastian – Guido and Company 15. A Man Like You/Unusual Way/Duet – Claudia and Guido 16. The Grand Canal (Every Girl in Venice/Amor/ Only You) – Guido and Company 17. Simple – Carla 18. Be On Your Own – Luisa 19. Not Since Chaplin – Reprise – Company 20. I Can’t Make This Movie – Guido 21. Getting Tall – Young Guido 22. Long Ago/Nine - Reprise – Guido, Young Guido and Luisa 23. Spa Music 24. Ti Voglio Bene 25. Unusual Way 26. Waltz From Nine (inst.) DISCOGRAPHY Nine (1982 Original Broadway Cast)