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NIGHTSHRIEK A Musical based on Shakespeare's Macbeth Book, music and lyrics by Trisha Ward "Trisha Ward's rock rampage through the Bard's tale of death and bloody destruction is quite simply a triumph. (She) displays an exceptional talent for pace and rhythm, exploiting the strong characters and murderous plot to produce a fine range of powerful musical numbers, using largely synthesized music to beat out an aggressive pulse. In a timeless future Macbeth k blood-soaked reign becomes a dark military dictatorship ... evoking a menacing and fear-filled atmosphere." • "... bloody, bold and resolute in rejecting most of the tragedy's text for a vehicular rock opera." Daily Telegraph • "Trisha Ward reveals an instinctive flair for musical theatre ... an energetic and exuberant success." Financial Times A pulsating, exuberant musical which vibrantly brings to life for the modem age the tragedy of Macbeth. Drama and tension are here, but humour too, especially with the Porter. A flexible script allows for interpretation of costumes, setting and dances, and the exciting score is well orchestrated. The CAST: M15 F5. Extras. Chorus ORCHESTRATION Keyboards I. Keyboards II. Flute/Sax. Drums. Bass Guitar. Guitar