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alone, reflecting upon Annina's flirtation with the Duke and lamenting the fickleness of women. Ciboletta, meanwhile, is looking for Pappacoda to tell him of his appointment as the Duke's personal cook, a piece of news that dispels Pappacoda's wrath at Ciboletta's adventures with the Duke. Now they can marry. When Pappacoda goes to pay his respects to the Duke, Ciboletta reveals to the Duke that the young lady on whom he had been lavishing his attention was not Barbara but Caramello's sweetheart Annina. When the Duke finally catches up with Annina, he finds her telling the senators' wives all about her escapade with him. Fanfares announce the start of the grand Carnival procession, in which all sections of Venetian life are represented and, when it is over, the pigeons of Saint Mark's flutter down into the square. Delacqua has returned, distressed by the discovery that Barbara is not in Murano and, when she appears with Enrico, the young man reassures Delacqua with a story of how he has rescued his aunt Barbara from an impostor gondolier. The Duke is decidedly less interested in Barbara when he discovers that she has a nephew as big as Enrico, and he rewards Caramello for delivering him from a potentially awkward situation by making him his steward. Caramello and Annina can therefore join Pappacoda and Ciboletta in marrying, and the revelries are set fair to go on long into the night. The above synopsis follows the original text as finalised during the first Viennese run. The work is commonly performed in the 1923 revision by Ernst Marischka and Erich Wolfgang Korngold which, in the interests of smoothing the action, makes cuts and revisions to both dialogue and music. In particular, two numbers are added to build up the part of the Duke - 'Sei mir gegrüsst, du holdes Venezia!' (to music from Simplicius) in Act 1 and 'Treu sein-das liegt mir nicht' in Act 2 to the music originally given to Annina for 'Was mir der Zufall gab'. Taken from The Book of the Theatre - Kurt Ganzl ISBN 0-370-31157-4 CHARACTERS: • Guido, Duke of Urbino • Bartolomeo Delacqua, Stefano Barbaruccio, Giorgio Testaccio, senators of Venice • Barbara Delacqua, Agricola Barbaruccio, Constantina Testaccio, their wives • Annina, a fisher-girl, Barbara's foster sister • Caramello, the Duke's personal barber • Pappacoda, a macaroni cook • Ciboletta, a cook in Delacqua's service • Enrico Piselli, a naval officer, Delacqua's nephew • Centurio, the Duke's page Senators' wives, musicians, servants, gondoliers, people of Venice, etc. MUSICAL NUMBERS A Night in Venice (Eine Nacht in Venedig) 1. Overture 2. Now The Day Is Done 3. Spaghetti Song 4. A Loveable Fellow 5. Tarantella 6. We Always Get Our Man 7. Quintet 8. Gondola Song Bells of St. Marks 9. Birthday Serenad 10. Gondola Duet e 11. Ni-nana Duet 12. Don’t Speak of Love to Me 13. Now That We Are Alone 14. Ballet 15. The Pigeons of San Marco 16. I Can’t Find My Wife 17. Women Are Here To Stay 18. Finale DISCOGRAPHY A Night in Venice: An Original Cast Recording This disc with a playtime of 44.57 minutes is an original cast recording of composer Johann Strauss’s A Night in Venice” produced in 1952 by Michael Todd in the newly constructed Jones Beach Marine Theatre on Long Island, New York. Featured performers include: Enzo Stuarti, Thomas Tibbett Hayward, Norwood Smith, Guen Omeron, Jack Russell, Nola Fairbanks, Laurel Hurley, David Kurlan, and Kenneth Schon under the direction of Thomas Martin.