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confident Nick finds himself wrong-footed. Act Two Nora, dressed to the nines, arrives at Victor's villa that night As promised Victor produces a clue: the gun that was used to kill Lorraine. As Victor makes a play for her, Nora fears she may be in over her head. Victor is bowled over by Nora's special aura, an aura he knows only too well may be forever out of his reach. Nick arrives, rescues Nora from Victor's lair, and, back at the bungalow, tells Nora that he may not be able to change his ways. He's a man who works alone. He wants Nora to accept that, saying that he and Nora "make the best martinis just as we are." Nora, alone, only wants things to be the way they used to be between them. Nick returns and announces that he is willing, for the first time in his life, to collaborate with her on a case. Nick decides to invite all the suspects to the Big Tamboo, the club where Maria entertains, believing that Lorraine's killer may make an attempt on Maria's life because Maria was also present at Lorraine's on the night of the murder. Reviewing all the evidence, Nick and Nora find too many suspects and motives. By attempting a reconstruction of events that occurred at Lorraine's that night the pair conclude that perhaps they have been trying to solve the wrong murder - after all, why have they never seen producer Edward J. Connors? At the Big Tamboo, the suspects gather, Maria performs her number and a shot rings out. Later, on Tracy's terrace, the mystery is unravelled, the solution involving multiple murders, professional desperation, Tracy's Japanese houseboy and a monogrammed watch dug up in Tracy's garden by Asta. Nora is severely shaken by the outcome, but there's a positive aspect too: Nick and Nora - having functioned as perfect partners in solving the crime - are in love all over again. CAST - (in order of appearance): • Nora Charles • Nick Charles • Tracy Gardner • Yukido • Mavis • Delli • Max Bernheim • Victor Moisa • Spider Malloy • Lorraine Bixby • Edward J. Connors • Lieutenant Wolfe • Maria Valdez • Lily Connors • Selznick • Monsignor Flaherty • Mariachi • Waitress SCENES AND SETTINGS: The action takes place in Hollywood, 1937. Act 1 Scene 1: Nick & Nora's bungalow, The Garden of Allah. Scene 2: The Studio. Scene 3: Lorraine's (Max's version). Scene 4: The Studio. Scene 5: Nick & Nora's bungalow. Scene 6: Lorraine (Victor's version). Scene 7: Beverly Hills. Scene 8: Lorraine's. Act 2 Scene 1: Victor's villa. Scene 2: Nick & Nora's bungalow. Scene 3: Lorraine's (Maria's version). Scene 4: Lorraine's. Scene 5: The Big Bamboo. Scene 6: Tracy's terrace.