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THE NEWMOON A Romantic Musical Comedy in 2 Acts, 12 Scenes. Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd, Frank Mandel and Laurence Schwab : Music by Sigmund Romberg Imperial Theatre, Broadway - September 19, 1928 (519 perfs) Theatre Royal, Drury Lane - 4 April, 1929 This is vintage Romberg, The Desert Song (1924), Student Prince (1925), The New Moon; no other composer produced three in a row like this, of such quality and with such success. Perhaps The New Moon is his most impressive, for in the production at Drury Lane the composer called for 50 chorus men, 40 chorus ladies and 20 or more principals! THE STORY (1792 - 3 in New Orleans and the Caribbean) Robert is a young French aristocrat whose revolutionary inclinations force him to flee his country. He sells himself as a bond-servant to planter and ship owner Monsieur Beaunoir and his family in New Orleans. As the police of Paris are looking everywhere for him, Robert cannot tell Beaunoir or his beautiful daughter Marianne whom he has fallen in love with, that he is of noble blood. Eventually he is tracked down by Vicomte Ribaud, the detective villain, and put aboard The New Moon so that he can be deported back to France. Robert thinks he has been betrayed by Marianne, who has gained her father's consent to travel on the same ship, pretending she is in love with Captain Duval. There is a mutiny but Robert takes charge and the bond-servants come into power. Everyone goes ashore on the Isle of Pines and a new republic is founded which flourishes under Robert's guidance. But Marianne, her pride hurt, at first refuses to marry Robert. Then Vicomte Ribaud makes a final attempt to conquer the island for the King of France. He is surprised to hear from the French Commander that there has been a revolution in France, and that all aristocrats like himself must die unless they renounce their titles. While he, ever the Royalist, goes to his inevitable doom, there follows a happy reunion for Citizen Robert and Citizeness Marianne. CAST {in order of appearance} - (plus Chorus) • Julie, Marianne's Maid (soprano) • Monsieur Beaunoir, a Ship Owner of New Orleans • Captain Paul Duval, Commander of The New Moon • Vicomte Ribaud • Robert (Misson), a Bondservant of Beaunoir (tenor) • Alexander, another Bondservant (baritone) • Besac; Boatswain of The New Moon (baritone) • Jacques, a Ship's Carpenter • Marianne, Beaunoir's Daughter (soprano) • Philippe, a Friend of Robert (tenor) • Clotilde Lambaste, of the Bride Ship (soprano) • Proprietor of the Tavern • Flower Girl • A Spaniard • A Dancer • Fouchette • The Dancers Rosita and Ramon • Musical Trio • Captain Dejean Courtiers, Ladies, Pirates, Servants, Sailors, Pirates, etc.