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Act 1 • Scene I: The Waterfront. • Scene 2: A Street with a mesh fence. • Scene 3: Johnny-the-Priest's Saloon. • Scene 4: A Street in the Warehouse District. • Scene 5: Chris's Barge on a foggy night at sea, off Provincetown. • Scene 6: A Street near the Waterfront. • Scene 7: The Waterfront. • Scene 8: The Street with the fence. • Scene 9: Chris's Room. • Scene 10: A Street Scene. • Scene 11: The Check Apron Ball. Act 2 • Scene I: The Check Apron Ball. • Scene 2: In the Street, outside the Brewery. • Scene 3: A Street in the Warehouse District. • Scene 4: Chris's Room. • Scene 5: The Waterfront. One year later. PERIOD AND COSTUMES Shortly after turn of the century (1900) : New York City waterfront. Waterfront sailor and dock worker garb. Prostitute finery of the times (high-button shoes, low-cut blouses, bright and striped skirts just slightly below the knee). Bulky sweaters, sea captain uniform. Society floor-length bustled dresses, large hats, loud striped and checked suits. Black overcoat, dungarees, broad-striped shirts, old farm clothes, society girl Seamen's Home uniforms. CHOREOGRAPHY Modern, soft shoe, ballroom spins, waltz, "Check Apron Ball" production number. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS Dramatic lighting required. Fog, foghorns, and other water-front effects. MUSICAL NUMBERS: ACT 1 1. Roll Yer Socks Up - Seaman, Dancers, Singers 2. Anna Lilla - Chris 3. Sunshine Girl - Oscar, Pete, Bartender 4. On the Farm - Anna 5. Flings - Marthy, Lily, Pearl 6. It's Good To Be Alive - Anna 7. Look at 'Er - Mat 8. It's Good To Be Alive (reprise) - Mat 9. Yer My Friend, Aintcha? - Marthy, Chris 10. Did You Close Your Eyes? - Anna, Mat 11. At the Check Apron Ball - Dancers, Singers 12. There Ain't No Flies on Me - Anna, Dancers & Company ACT 2 13. Ven I Valse - Anna, Chris, Dancers, Singers 14. Sunshine Girl (reprise) - Dancers, Singers 15. If That Was Love - Anna 16. Ballet - Anna, Masher, Dancers 17. Chess and Checkers - Marthy, Dancers, Singers 18. Look at 'Er (reprise) - Mat INSTRUMENTATION Violins A–B, viola, cello, bass, clar (flute, pic), flute (pic, clar), oboe (Eng. horn), bass clar (clar, flute), clar (bari sax, bassoon), trumpet I–II, III, trombone I–II, horn, guitar, percussion, piano-conductor. DISCOGRAPHY New Girl in Town (Original Broadway Cast Recording)