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returns and asks Anna if she's going to be taking the next ferry with him back to Staten Island, and she tells him that she will. He goes off to the ferry, which is leaving in about twenty minutes, but Anna stays to talk some more with Matt. She confesses to Matt that she isn't married to Henry, but that she is working on a farm in Staten Island. She has been doing it for the past year now, trying to that she really isn't a good-for-nothin'. Her father knows nothing of this. As far as he's concerned, she's a member of Staten Island society. Chris comes back and tells Anna to not be late for the ferry, and she prepares to leave. Matt, however, stops her and asks her to take a later ferry. This way the two of them can have dinner before he gets on his next boat to China. Chris tries to interfere again, but Anna agrees and rushes to tell Henry she'll be taking a later ferry. Marthy enters with a few of her friends. She is now dressed very neatly in a long blue skirt with a long club coat. Across her front is a ribbon, which reads "Seamen's Home." She greets Matt, but is quickly pulled back into her group as they try to collect contributions for the Seamen's Home, a place for the poor homeless seamen to hang out. Marthy has indeed changed her ways as well. Chris asks Marthy what he should do now that Matt is back in town. He knows that Anna is going to talk with him some more. Marthy tells him that he can't control Anna any more. Anna comes back from the ferry, no longer wearing her farm dress. She runs into Matt's arms and the two promise to always be there for each other. Matt takes a new earring from his ear and gives it to Anna. Once again, true love wins out over all the many adversities thrown in its way. CASTING 30 parts, 10 principals.Other principals are small roles that require singing, dancing, and acting talent. Good medium-sized dancing and singing ensembles. Total cast, 35–40. (2 or 3 children optional.) CAST - (in order of appearance): • Lily • Moll • Katie • Alderman • Chris - old character man, sings, dances • Johnson • Seaman • Marthy - character woman, sings, dances • Oscar • Pete • Mrs. Dowling • Smith • Mrs. Smith • Bartender • Ivy • Rose • Anna - accomplished dancer-actress who sings. • Flo • Pearl • Mat - actor with powerful legit voice, minor dancing • Mrs. Hammacher • Reporter • Masher • Svenson • Violet • Waiter • Dowling • Politician • Krimp • Henry Dancers: Singers: SCENES AND SETTINGS 2 acts, 16 scenes, 4 full stage sets (including 4 drops), 1 partial stage set, 1 fence fly-in of multi-coloured doors, 4 drop scenes.The action takes place near the Waterfront, New York City, at the turn of the century.