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off the ship and are questioned by countless reporters wanting to know how Matt kept the small boat adrift for two days. As they press him for information about the rescue, he tells them all about Anna (without using her name) and how just seeing her made all the difference for him. Two days later, on the Waterfront, some girls are dancing with each other while others sit around and watch. Smith and Chris enter through the office. The press has been very excited about this rescue and has been snapping pictures non-stop. Mr. Smith is happy about this, since it is good for the company to be seen in such a favourable light. Mr. Alderman, a political figure, gives Chris two tickets to a very fancy political ball, the Check Apron Ball, being held at the local brewery. Chris is both honoured and excited by this and runs off to tell Anna. No sooner is he gone than Marthy learns of Chris's tickets. She is overjoyed at the thought of going to something like this and is certain that Chris will ask her. Someone suggests that maybe Chris might ask Anna, but Marthy makes it very clear that she has told Chris just how she feels. She hasn't given him the best years of her life to be discarded like an old dishrag. Matt comes to the Waterfront and asks Marthy if she has seen Anna. Marthy is not in the mood to discuss Anna and goes off to find Chris and discuss the ball. Left alone, Matt contemplates how great he feels about everything. Anna enters followed by a traveling salesman who is certain he knows her from somewhere. The man keeps pursuing Anna, but she tries to push him away swearing at him in the process. Matt promises that the man won't bother Anna again because he will take care of her. Matt holds her close to him, but Anna pulls away saying she can't stand men grabbing hold of her. He tries to reason with her, telling her that he is different since he worships her. Anna begs him to change the subject. He then asks her to go to the Check Apron Ball. Matt was invited because of the rescue. Anna accepts, promising to teach Matt all about fancy dancing. Soon after out on the street, Marthy is pestering Chris to take her to the dance. He tries to let her down gently and explains that he wants to take Anna. Marthy suggests that they get one more ticket so the three of them can go together, but Chris feels Marthy is just a bit too unrefined to hang around with his daughter. Marthy argues that she and Chris have been through a lot together and he owes her this dance. Marthy finally asks Chris to simply let her look at the tickets, and he does. When he puts them back into his pocket, however, Marthy grabs him for a little dance and steals one of the tickets. Chris, realizing what has just happened, follows Marthy. A few days later in Chris's room, Anna is showing Marthy the new white dress Chris bought for her. Marthy comments that it is "just like a confirmation dress.” Anna is offended by the remark and Marthy apologies, but can't quite understand why Anna is so upset by this. Anna changes the subject telling Marthy how upset Chris was when he found out that she was going to the ball with Matt. Matt then comes to the door. He needs to speak with Anna alone. Marthy leaves and Matt confesses to Anna that he loves her and that he needs to find out from Anna if she loves him. After pausing for a moment, Anna confesses that she loves Matt. Anna has never loved a man before. Chris enters the room and is startled to see Matt. He is even more surprised when Matt announces that he and Anna are going to get married. Anna is equally surprised since they only talked of loving each other, not marriage. Chris does not want his daughter marrying a sailor, especially a stoker, and the two men get into a heated argument. Anna stops their nonsense by throwing her new dress on the floor and declaring she isn't going to the ball. Chris then promises that he won't fight with Matt that evening; that everything can wait until tomorrow. Anna makes Matt promise that they will just have a good time at the dance. That evening, people are making their way over to the ball. Inside, the brewery has been decorated in great style. The liquor is flowing, and everyone appears to be having a wonderful time. Marthy is trying her best to appear the vision of refinement by not drinking; however, she gives in, downs a few drinks and gets drunk. In reality, she is jealous that many of the men are admiring Anna. Matt is jealous that Anna is meeting everyone. He was hoping to spend the evening with her alone. Chris is the proud father, and introduces his Anna to all the political bigwigs. Pretty soon Mr. Alderman offers to dance with Anna, and the two of them lead off a new ragtime number. Soon, everyone is dancing and singing the night away.