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where Hart really is, which creates a new obstacle for the ladies to dispose. Judy formulates the idea to send Roz to a one-month language seminar to learn French, which isn’t necessary and is only a way to get rid of her. Roz receives the memo from Violet and is heartbroken because she believes that Hart doesn’t like her and that the time, she isn’t at work is lonely and boring (“5 to 9”). As Hart is still strung up in his bedroom, he passes time by watching countless hours of soap operas. Doralee enters to give him a meal and Hart lashes out at her saying that he still has the control and will use it when he is free. Doralee brushes him off and leaves the room. Hart begins to recount how most of the men in history had “downfalls” by women and that he is no different, which angers him (“Always a Woman”). Back at the office, the new changes the women have made under Hart’s name have seemed to ease the workers’ lives and changed their outlook on work (“Change It”). Joe, who has shown admiration toward Violet through the show, asking her out many times, confronts her and asks why she rebuffs him. She claims she was a “one-man woman” and that her husband’s death three years before has prevented her from dating again. Joe tells her that it is time to move on and possibly give someone new a chance (“Let Love Grow”). Violet accepts as they walk out of the scene holding hands. Later that evening, Judy’s ex-husband, Dick, shows up at Hart’s house and asks her to take him back (since his secretary girlfriend dumped him). She rebuffs him and states she is a changed woman who will not crawl back to someone who broke her heart, showing strength as she orders him to leave (“Get Out and Stay Out”). The next day, Hart storms into the office with Judy hostage, which shocks the women, who have collected evidence about Hart’s “creative accounting” and embezzling practices to use against him. The women, seemingly defeated, prepare to submit to Hart’s wishes when they learn that the CEO of Consolidated, Mr. Tinsworthy, is paying a visit. The women and Hart meet Tinsworthy, who, after noting the changes in office life, gives the credit to Hart. Violet and the others step up and say they made the changes but are shot down. However, in a comedic twist, Tinsworthy sends Hart to manage the South American branch in Bolivia. Violet is then promoted to Hart’s position as President of the company and a celebration ensues, while Roz is devastated over the loss of her obsession. The characters deliver epilogues about what happened after the events of the story (Finale: “9 to 5” Reprise). Hart was captured by natives in the jungles of Bolivia and was never seen or heard from again. Roz found a new love - Hart’s wife. Violet and Joe have been together for the past 30 years and are very happy together. Doralee went to Nashville and became a successful country and western singer. Judy stayed single and became a regular guest on The View after writing a bestselling book, Life Without Dick. CAST • Violet Newstead • Judy Bernly • Doralee Rhodes • Franklin Hart Jr. • Roz • Dwayne • Kathy • Joe MUSICAL NUMBERS (Musical numbers as listed for the Center Theatre Group production at the Ahmanson Theatre) Act I 1. 9 to 5 — Violet, Doralee, Dwayne, Judy and Ensemble 2. Around Here — Violet and Ensemble 3. Here For You — Hart 4. Out of Control — Judy 5. Tattletales — Kathy, Violet, Judy and Ensemble 6. 9 to 5 (Reprise) — Judy, Violet, Doralee and Ensemble 7. The One I Love — Doralee, Judy, Violet, Josh, Dwayne 8. Backwoods Barbie — Doralee