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9. “UNDER WHICH FLAG “ (By Dennis Waldock) • Natasha - Charles Hawtrey • Helmuth - John Bentley 10. “NEUTRAL PROTEST” • The ex-Porter – Faith Banbury • The ex-Bar Man – Jeremy Hawk • The ex-Guide - Eric Micklewood 11. “EMPIRE BUILDER” • The Herbalist - Bill Fraser 12. “THE ONLY PRETTY SWING TIME” (The original lyrics by William Shakespeare, set to music by Arthur Young) Brenda – Betty Ann Davies Joyce - Judy Campbell Peggy - Peggy Willoughby “O MISTRESS MINE” Sir Toby – Jeremy Hawk Sir Andrew – Charles Hawtrey Clown - John Bentley “IT WAS A LOVER AND HIS LASS” Touchstone - Bill Fraser Audrey - Hazel Jennings The Two Pages - Zoe Gail and Josephine Lee “BLOW, BLOW, THOU WINTER WIND” Amiens - ALICE COTY and The Company INTERVAL 13. “SYMPHONIC MOODS” (Music by Jose Norman) • Mood Grandioso - Betty Ann Davies with Ann Allan, Myra Morton, Josephine Lee, Rosemary Lomax, Peggy Willoughby and Zoe Gail • Mood Sympathetic – Joan Eddowes • Mood Furioso – Moira Kennet at the Piano - The Composer Choreography by Joan Davis 14. 14 “FIRST NIGHT” • Charles Hawtrey, Judy Campbell, Frith Banbury, Hazel Jennings, Eric Micklewood and Alice Coty 15. “FALLEN ANGEL” (Lyric by Paul Boyle. Music by Reggie Bristowe) • The Angel - Zoe Gail 16. 16 “PARIS IS NOT THE SAME” • Hotel Porter - Eric Micklewood • The Lady - Judy Campbell • The Voice - John Bentley 17. “WOMEN AND WAR” • The A.T.S. Girls Rosemary Lomax, Ann Allan And Peggy Willoughby • The Vivandière - Charles Hawtrey 18. “PRACTICALLY NO ACTIVITY” (By Jack Davies. Jnr.) • The Tommies - Bill Fraser, John Bentley and Eric Micklewood • The General – Jeremy Hawk • The Boy - Charles Hawtrey