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NEW FACES Revue by Eric Maschwitz; Music by Jack Strachey. Lyrics by Tommy Connor and Manny Sherwin Comedy Theatre, London - 11 April, 1940 (257 perfs) The Cast included; Judy Campbell, Betty Ann Davies, Bill Fraser, Zoë Gail, Charles Hawtrey The Programme included; Room 504 (Posford-Maschwitz) A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square Blow, Blow, Thou Winter Wind It Was a Lover and His Lass 1. OPENING TONIGHT • The Hall Keeper - .Jeremy Hawk • The “New Faces” - Alice Coty, Zoe Gail, Peggy Willoughby, Eric Micklewood, Frith Banbury, John Bentley, Rosemary Lomax, Betty Ann Davies, Bill Fraser and Judy Campbell 2. “NEW FACES” - Hazel Jennings and the Company 3. “CUT—AND BRING ON THE HORSES’. (By Eric Maschwitz and Jenny Nicholson) • The Compere - Bill Fraser • Tea Tasters - Eric Micklewood, Sidney Bromley, Jeremy Hawk • George - Charles Hawtrey • Men the Tube - Charles Hawtrey and Eric Micklewood • First Lady - Myra Morton • Second Lady - Peggy Willoughby • Maid - Zoe Gail • Count Armand - Bill Fraser 4. “THE ROARING TWENTIES” Rosemary Lomax Frith Banbury and Eric Micklewood 5. “MOTHER O’ MINE” • Sid – Charles Hawtrey • Morrie – Bill Fraser • The Intruder – Alice Coty 6. “IF I WERE GINGER ROGERS” • The Girl - Betty Ann Davies • The Roy - Jeremy Hawk 7. “BATTLE OF THE BOOKSTALLS” • Punch - Charles Hawtrey • Vtctorian - Hazel Jennings • Esquire - Bill Fraser • Blonde - Betty Ann Davies 8. “A NIGHTINGALE SANG IN BERKELEY SQUARE” (Music by Mann, Sherwin) • The. Taxi Driver - Jeremy Hawk • The Fare - Judy Campbell