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MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Man, We're Beat - (The Company) 2. New York - (Brad, Danny, Jan) 3. What's to Lose - (Jan, Brad) 4. Stars Have Blown My Way - (Jan, Brad) 5. Fun Life - (Brad) 6. How Do You Like Your Love? - (Yogi) 7. Party Song - (The Company) 8. If I Could Put You in a Song - (Brad, Jan) 9. Night People - (Brad, Jan) 10. I've Got a Lot to Learn About Life - (Jan) 11. Rejection - (Danny, Company) 12. The Ballad of the Sad Young Men - (Jan) 13. A Country Gentleman - (Brad, Jan) 14. Max the Millionaire - (Max, Brad, Yogi, Danny) 15. Laugh, I Thought I'd Die - (Brad) 16. Travel the Road of Love - (Bunny, Company) 17. (Fun Life reprise) - (The Company) ORIGINAL CAST - in order of appearance Bunny Carwell: LARRY HAGMAN. Brad: RICHARD HAYES, Don Heller (alt.). Danny: THOMAS ALDREDGE. Jan: TANI SEITZ. Yogi: DEL CLOSE. A Customer: Barry Primus. Landlady: Florence Gassner. Joan: Arlene Corwin. Sari Shaw: Janice Meshkoff. Danny's Girl: Elvira Pallas. Max the Millionaire: GERALD HIKEN. Henry Calhoun: David Sallade. Katherine Sloan-Wittiker: Florence Gassner. Irving: Don Heller. Tony: Lee Lindsey. Rejected Boy: Zale Kessler. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1 • Scene I: Sunday Afternoon, late summer. Washington Square Park, New York City. Now. • Scene 2: The following spring, Brad and Jan's apartment on Perry Street. • Scene 3: That weekend. Jan's parents' home, Fairfield County, Connecticut. • Scene 4: The same evening. The bottom of an unfilled pool. • Scene 5: Later. Inside the house again. • Scene 6: The next weekend. Bunny Carwell's apartment on Avenue A. Act 2 • Scene 1: A few days later. Brad and Jan's apartment. • Scene 2: Later the same day. The Melancholy Pigeon. • Scene 3: That evening. Katherine Sloan Wittiker's apartment on Sutton Place. • Scene 4: Later at Brad and Jan's apartment. DISCOGRAPHY The Nervous Set (1959 Original Broadway Cast)