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ORIGINAL CAST - (in order of appearance): • Simon O'Hara, Captain Dick's servant: HARRY COOPER. • Etienne Grandet, son of Lieutenant Governor Grandet, who is also the famous buccaneer, "Bras Pique": EDWARD MARTINDEL. • Lieutenant Governor Grandet: WILLIAM FREDERICK. • Sir Harry Blake, an Irish adventurer, friend to Captain Dick: RAYMOND J. BLOOMER. • Rudolfo, keeper of a Marionette Theatre: James S. Murray. • Florenze, secretary to the Governor: Howard Morgan. • Manuelo, a pirate: William Mack. • Night Watchman: Eugene Roder. • Indian: Thomas Reynolds. • East Indian: Bert Leslie. • Knife Grinder: Philip Hahn. • Marietta D'Altena: EMMA TRENTINI. • Lizette, a Casquette girl: Kate Elinore. • Adah, a quadroon slave of Etienne Grandet: MARIA DUCHENE. • Nanette, a flower girl: Louise Aichel. • Felice, a flower girl: Blanche Lipton. • Fanchon: Vera DeRosa. • Graziella, an Italian girl: Sylvia Loti. • Franchesca, an Italian girl: Myrtle Randall. • Captain Warrington: ORVILLE HARROLD. Quadroon Belles: Misses von Nichols, Malli, Phelan, Baldwin, Broughton, Netta, Wood, Hathaway, Lee, Johnson, Nelson, Noethinger. Spanish Girls: Misses Ricardio, Raymond, Aichel, DeRosa, Griffin, Rice. San Domingo Girls: Misses Norton, Irland, Marlotte, Hamilton, Netta, DeVere. French Girls: Misses Lipton, Lloyd, Moore, Olcott, Holcomb, Aubin. Flower Girls, Quadroons, Dancers, Captain Dick's Adventurers, Pirates, Street Sweepers, Mexicans, Spaniards, Indians. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act 1: The Place D'Armes. New Orleans, 1780. Act 2 Scene 1: The Marionette Theatre. Scene 2: Ball Room of the Jeunesse Dorée Club. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Opening Chorus - (Vendors, Street Sweepers, Flower Girls) 2. Tramp, Tramp, Tramp - Captain Warrington, Chorus 3. Taisez-Vous - Casquette Girls 4. Naughty Marietta - Marietta 5. It Never, Never Can Be Love - Marietta, Captain Warrington 6. If I Were Anybody Else But Me - Simon O'Hara, Casquette Girl