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solo explaining that she just wants to be a star. This is followed by The Drive-In sung by the Saint Andrew's Sisters of Hoboken. Sister Amnesia is then left alone on stage to tell a story. When she is telling the audience that she could've gone to Nashville and become a country singer she suddenly remembers who she is — Sister Mary Paul! Reverend Mother recalls that Sister Mary Paul was the name of the nun who won the Publishers' Clearing House Sweepstakes and no one could ever find her. There is much joy as the sisters realise they have all the money they need. Sister Hubert gives some last minute advice on becoming a saint. And then the finale is sung leaving no doubt that everyone will live happily ever after! • "Habit forming." The New York Times • "Nunsense is good old-fashioned comedy at its best: it is quick paced, generally raucous, occasionally touching and totally wonderful. Bravo!" Back Stage MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Nunsense is Habit-Forming - Cast 2. A Difficult Transition - Cast 3. Benedicite /The Biggest Ain't the Best - Sr. Hubert and Sr. Leo 4. Playing Second Fiddle - Sr. Robert Anne 5. So You Want to be a Nun - Sr. Mary Amnesia 6. Turn Up the Spotlight - Sr. Mary Cardelia 7. Lilacs Bring Back Memories Cast 8. Tackle That Temptation With a Time-Step - Sr. Hubert and Cast 9. Growing Up Catholic - Sr. Robert Anne and Cast 10. We've Got to Clean Out the Freezer - Cast 11. Just a Coupl 'a Sisters - Srs. Cardelia and Hubert 12. I Just Want to be a Star - Sr. Robert Anne 13. The Drive-In - The Saint Andrew's Sisters 14. I Could've Gone to Nashville - Sr. Mary Amnesia 15. Holier than Thou - Sr. Hubert and Cast 16. Finale - Cast THE CAST: F5 • Sister Mary Regina - Mother Superior: a feisty, overweight Sophie Tucker-type who can't resist the spotlights. • Sister Mary Hubert - Mistress of Novices: the second-in -command, she is always competing with the Mother Superior. • Sister Robert Anne - a streetwise, tough character from Brooklyn, a constant source of irritation for the Mother Superior • Sister Mary Amnesia - this nun lost her memory after a crucifix fell on her head; she is very sweet. • Sister Mary Leo - the novice, who has entered the convent with the firm desire to become the first nun ballerina. ORCHESTRATION: Reeds, Drums, Synthesizer DISCOGRAPHY Nunsense (1986 Original Off-Broadway Cast)