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MEET ME ON THE CORNER A Revue presented by Val Parnell London Hippodrome, 4 November, 1955 The Cast included Max Bygraves, Louie Ramsay, Channing Pollock, Katherine Feather, Joan Winters, Guy Fielding, Latona Graham and Chadel, The Nitwits, The George Mitchell Singers and the George Carden Boys and Girls Directed by Charles Henry: Costumes and Décor by R. St. John Roper: Dances and ensembles by George Carden 1. London Town – The George Carden Boys and Girls: The George Mitchell Singers A Policeman – Frank McNaughton A Couple About Town – Joan Winters & Guy Fielding “Wake Up the Town” – Louie Ramsay “Meet Me on the Corner” – Max Bygraves 2. Amusement Arcade - What the Butler Saw The Maid – Katherine Feather The Butler – Sonny Clair The Old Man – Arthur Vollum 3. Teddy Boys – Latona, Graham and Chadel 4. Good Neighbours Fred – Max Bygraves Winnie – Joan Winters The Newly-weds – Guy Fielding, Louie Ramsay 5. All Done with Mirrors Louie Ramsay, Channing Pollock, The George Carden Boys & Girls 6. Music Festival – The Nitwits Sid Millward Conducting: Wally Stewart Dancing Freddie Willets, Arthur Calkin, Ronnie Genarder, Bunny Bunnetta, Bill Hawkins, Peter Robinson, Arthur Vollum, Dudley Heslop 7. Shuffle Along – Full Company ACT II 8. Temptation - The George Carden Boys & Girls 9. Desert Song – The Nitwits 10. A Nightingale Sang Nightingale – Katherine Feather The Gardener – Arthur Vollum The Lovers – Toni Palmer, Cecilia Johnson / Mary Corbett, Deirdre Otterwell / Reg Drew, George Gerhardt / Freddie Navarre, Norman Calder Four Shadows – Diana Beale, Diane Holland, Jean Cherry, Shirley Ambrose 11. Mismoune & her Merry Poodles Father – “Porto” Mother – “Wickie” Three Children – “Oyem”, “Poppie”, “Volpone” 12. Max Bygraves At the Piano – Bon (Poker-Face) Dixon The Steppers – Gillian and June 13. Finale – The Entire Company