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16. Song - Darien - "It's very like a satire that the people of a nation, possessed of ev'ry peaceable proclivity, should have to take to Brigandage..." 17. Duet - Merva and Allen - "One day a maiden wander'd down a sunny country lane, and as she went, there pass'd close by a tall and handsome swain." 18. Song - Miss Ventnor and Girls - "Though few of us are clever, and though fewer still are great, yet we all can be celebrities today..." 19. Duet - Miss Ventnor and Darien - "You shall reign o'er my heart in a kingdom apart, and love's flame shall be constant and steady..." 20. Song - Mrs. Habbicombe and Chorus - "There was once a most delightful little charmer, tho' it struck me as peculiar to find..." 21. Song - Merva - "O foolish men! it goes to prove you anything but wise, to talk about the girls you love as angels from the skies..." 22. Song - Elsie and Chorus - "Katie had a Kodak, with a shiny lens; Katie used to photograph her relatives and friends..." 23. Levanter and Chorus - "There are lots of little stories which I reckon ... which I reckon ... if examined, would assume another shape..." 24. "Send your friends to Karagovina ... Karagovina, Vive! ... If they're wealthy, and would be happily married and done for..." CAST • Josephine • Merva Sunningdale • Mrs. Habbicombe • Elsie Habbicombe • Miss Ventnor • Admiral Lord Belton • Levanter • Simon Pentweazle • Darien • Sergeant Blakeley • Allen Blythe, R.N. • Lionel Habbicombe • Flower Girls: Antoinette, Violette, Rosa, Tita. Conchita, Marie • School Girls: Ilma Malden, Sarah Sevenoaks =, Maud Hersham, Gladys Combe, Mona Valez, Ada Bray • Young Gentlemen: Grant, Melville, Kingsley, Blakeley, Wheeler LIBRETTO Libretto - The Medal and the Maid: A Musical Comedy