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both the sham flower girl and the false heiress free, on the island of Karogovina, where all the parties have repaired for a trip. The school is there, so is the charming schoolmistress, so are some particularly ferocious, but methodical, brigands. So too, is Darien, the chief of bandits, who proceeds to imprison all and sundry for the sake of the heavy ransoms he means to demand. Obviously, however, they cannot all be kept on the island. Food is scarce and the ransom value of some of the crowd is not worth their keep. Who then shall be kept and who shall be sent away? To solve this problem, Darien makes use of the schoolmistress, whose information on the point is valuable, and whose company is far from unwelcome. Miss Ventnor makes a rapid conquest and is conquered, but what is much more to the point, gives him the information he seeks. Darien wants the wealthiest left behind. Miss Ventnor has an heiress among her pupils. The heiress shall stay and the thing is settled. In true musical comedy fashion the story unwinds from tangle into tangle, but in the end, the happiness of the real Merva and her lieutenant, who are married after the laws of Karogovina, and after that - nothing really matters. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT I - Public Gardens at Cannes. 1. Opening Chorus - "We have come from the ends of the earth to the Mediterranean Sea, and we're going for all we are worth to be jolly as jolly can be..." 2. Octette and Chorus - "The Polo championship we claim of all the Riviera, for none can beat us at the game, from Cannes to Bordighera..." 3. Song - Miss Ventnor and Chorus - "In gen'ral terms you might allude to my Curriculum; review the subjects I include in my Curriculum..." 4. Concerted Number - "If you'll follow us pray, we will show you the way that conducts to Acacia Villa. It's contiguous but we avoid a short cut..." 5. Chorus and Song - Josephine - "What is the matter? Bid her be gone - we want no interlopers here to interfere with our affairs, and she is one..." 6. Duet - Merva and Josephine - "Come kind gentlemen, buy my posies; I have violets, jonquils, roses. Ev'ry blossom that sweetly blows is here today..." 7. Song - Levanter - "One fellow has some fault to find with ev'ry girl he sees; another can't make up his mind: I'm not so hard to please..." 8. Song - Miss Ventnor and Schoolgirls - "Of marks of high distinction we hear of many types; the soldier and policeman receive good conduct stripes..." 9. Song - Pentweazle and Chorus - "All the world's a seminary where, as circumstances vary, we are learning to be foolish or be wise..." 10. Song - Merva - "Free, free at last I am going to be! No more school bell's early morning clamour. No more lessons at all for me..." 11. Quartette - Pentweazle and others - "I'm going to be a Marquis, and I wonder if they'll let me wear a silver gilt electro-plated coronet!" 12. Shoeblack Dance - Polka , Graceful Dance, and the Storm 13. it's now to be a roamer in the classic land of Homer! We have never yet look'd forward to a trip so..." ACT II - A wild territory in the Island of Karagovina. Entr'acte 14. Chorus of Brigands, etc. - "We gladly welcome ev'ry time the enterprising folks who climb from crag to crag and slowly drag their limbs to our abode..." 15. Duet - Mrs. Habbicombe, Pentweazle and Chorus - "If ever you're going to travel about, it isn't advisable starting without a person proficient in guiding..."