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CAST • Gerald Bolingbroke, a good-looking young man • Lady Battersby • Lady Brighton • Lord Battersby • Jacqueline Carston, a dazzling young blonde • Charles, manservant • Mr Parchester, family solicitor • The Hon. Margaret Aikington • Lord Jasper Tring, a nonagenarian • Charles Boulting-Smythe • Maria, Duchess of Dene, a middle-aged martinet • Sir John Tremayne, a middle-aged baronet • Bill Snibson, Cockney Lord Hareford • Sally Smith, Bill's girl • Alf, Fred, Bert and Joe, servants • Telegraph boy • Mrs Brown, landlady • Bob Barking, Sally's friend • Police constable • Guests • Cockneys DISCOGRAPHY Me & My Girl (Original London Cast) Me And My Girl (1986 Original Broadway Cast) Me And My Girl: The Lambeth Walk Musical (1985 London Revival Cast)