Shows M

MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 Scene 1 A Very Special Day - Jeanie, Trio That's the Way It Happens - Jeanie, Trio That's the Way It Happens (reprise) - Larry Dance Impromptu - Chorus, George, Trio Scene 2 Overture to 'Me and Juliet' - Dario, Orchestra Scene 3 Opening of 'Me and Juliet' - Lily (Juliet), Jim (Don Juan), Susie (Susie), Charlie (Me) Marriage Type Love - Charlie (Me), Lily (Juliet), Singers Scene 4 Keep It Gay - Bob Scene 5 Keep It Gay (dance reprise) - Jim (Don Juan), Chorus Scene 6 Keep It Gay (dance reprise) - Betty, Buzz, (Chorus) The Big, Black Giant - Larry No Other Love - Jeanie, Larry Scene 7 Dance - Ralph, Sadie, Sonya Lindgren (Sonja Tyven) The Big, Black Giant (reprise) - Ruby Scene 8 It's Me - Betty, Jeanie Scene 10 (No Other Love) (reprise) - (Lily (Juliet)) First Act Finale of 'Me and Juliet' - Lily (Juliet), Betty, Charlie (Me),Jim (Don Juan), Jeanie, Chorus ACT 2 Scene 1 Intermission Talk - Herbie, Chorus Scene 2 It Feels Good - Bob Scene 3 Opening Sequence in Second Act of 'Me and Juliet' - Charlie (Me), Jim (Don Juan), Lily (Juliet), Dancers The Baby You Love - Lily (Juliet), Dancers We Deserve Each Other - Betty, Jim (Don Juan), Chorus