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Act II In the lobby, the interval audience comes out to comment on the show (Inter-mission) after Ruby the Company Manager has hidden Larry in the company office and Herbie the candy counter boy has hidden Jeanie under a pile of lemonade cartons. Bob blunders around, looking for them, then goes to drink in the bar opposite (It Feels Good), to keep watch on the theatre exit. Jeanie has joined Larry in the office. He is ashamed of being physically scared of Bob, but this is unimportant to Jeanie (I'm Your Girl). Bob breaks through the window, homicidal, carrying a wrench and desperate to get Larry, but he knocks himself out on a radiator when they grapple. When he recovers, Mac and Ruby tell him Jeanie and Larry have just got married. Backstage after the final curtain, Larry, deputising for Mac, orders a part reprise of No Other Love, which Jeanie sings in place of the absent Lily; Bob appears and acknowledges defeat when Larry, now in command, quietly tells him of the following morning's rehearsal time, as Jeanie sings - for Larry alone - 'No Other Love Have I'. CAST: - 14 men, 9 women, chorus Characters (in order of appearance): • George, Second Assistant Stage Manager • Sidney, Electrician (A rabbit-like man, better at stage lighting than at tact.) • Jeanie, Chorus Singer (Her stage talent probably won't go further than understudy, but she is loving and confident with the man of her ultimate choice) • Herbie, Candy Counter Boy (The joker and general chum to one and all.) • Trio: Chris, Rehearsal Piano Player, Milton, Drummer, Stu, Bass Fiddle Player • Michael, A Chorus Boy • Bob, Electrician (A bully and a womaniser; we wonder what drew Jeanie to him originally.) • Larry, Assistant Stage Manager (Maybe he will also never be at the top of his profession but he has found his true love and also the courage to face the bully when all depended on it.) • Mac, Stage Manager (Capable and disciplined, he is also prone to mindless jealousy when manipulated) • Monica, Chorus Dancer • Ruby, Company Manager (The I-may-look-calm-but-actually-I'm-panicking-underneath Company Manager.) • Charlie (Me), Featured Lead (A thumbnail-sketch of a leading man" with all the appropriate overtones.) • Dario, Conductor (The maestro, down to the gardenia in his lapel. Pretty gullible, too.) • Lily (Juliet), Singing Principal (The female lead in 'the show') • Jim (Don Juan), Principal Dancer • Susie (Susie), Principal Dancer • Voice of Mr. Harrison, Producer • Voice of Miss Davenport, Choreographer • Hilda, an aspirant for a dancing part • Marcia, another aspirant for a dancing part • Betty Loraine, successor to Susie as Principal Dancer (Fun, ambitious, and a real man-manager.) • Buzz, Principal Dancer • Ralph, Alley Dancer • Miss Oxford, a bit player • Sadie, an usher • Mildred, Another Usher • A Theatre Patron • Another Theatre Patron Dancing Ensemble: Singing Ensemble: