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2005 Revised Version - now 3 Acts Act I Overture - Orchestra Opening - Tap, Fellows, Tap - Van Zandt Factory Workers Dialogue: Might I have a word? Duet: In Our Little Home - Richard, Ottillie Dialogue: On every birthday Song: It's a Windy Day - Matthew and Girls Dialogue: Thunderation and damnation Gypsy Song: Do You Hear? - Rodolfo, with Maria Scene: Now to read the future Duet: Will You Rermember? - Ottilie, Richard Finale Act I: What's this? - Claude, Richard, Ottile, Colonel Entr'acte / Mazurka Act II Dialogue: Good evening The Do-Si-Do - Matthew Dialogue: Oh, Ottilie Scene underscored: You remember? Duet: The Road to Paradise - Ottilie, Richard Dialogue/Finale Act II: I'll give you my I.O.U.s Act III Chorus: Old Things - Townspeople Dialogue: Mr. dear Mr. Van Zandt Auction Scene: Madam, Madam Interlude Who's this Mlle Brown? - Ottilie and girls Dialogue: No, no, my dears Duet: Dancing Will Keep You Young - Ermintrude, Matthew Dialogue: Mr. Van Zandt? Song: Go Away, Girls - Dick Scene: Oh, Miss Brown, don't go Final Scene: Stop! Stop! SCENES AND SETTINGS (Original Version) Act 1: The Van Zandt Home in Washington Square, New York City. 1840. Act 2: Mme. Delphine's Night Club. 1855. Act 3: Back Parlor of the Van Zandt House in Washington Square. In the 1880s. Act 4: Same location as Act 3, now Mlle. Brown's Dressmaking Establishment. Twentieth Century. DISCOGRAPHY Maytime - Ohio Light Opera Company