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MAYTIME A Play with Music in 4 Acts. Book and lyrics by Rida Johnson Young. (Based on the libretto to the German musical comedy "Wei einst im Mai", libretto by Rudolf Bernauer and Rudolf Schanzer. Music by Walter Kollo and Willy Bredschneider.) Music by Sigmund Romberg. Sam S. Shubert Theatre, New York. Opened 16th August, 1917; transferred to the 44th Street Theatre 18th February, 1918; transferred to the Broadhurst Theatre 1st April, 1918; transferred to the Lyric Theatre 5th August, 1918; transferred to the Broadhurst Theatre 9th September, 1918; closed 19th October, 1918 (total 492 perfs) Revised version by Julie Wright and Steven Gaigle - Ohio Light Opera - 2005 SYNOPSIS The beautiful Ottilie, daughter of a wealthy colonel loves Dick, the foreman's son, but is forced by her family to marry her own wastrel cousin. Dick goes off, makes good but returns to find his beloved unattainable and, on impulse, marries another girl. Many years pass; both are now single again. Dick saves Ottilie from bankruptcy by purchasing her home before she can be evicted. Still more time passes an the couple's grandchildren meet and finally find the happiness together that eluded their grandparents. MUSICAL NUMBERS - (Original Version) ACT 1 Opening Ensemble - Apprentices In Our Little Home, Sweet Home - Ottillie, Richard Wayne It's a Windy Day at the Battery- Matthew van Zandt, Alice Tremaine, Girls Gypsy Song - Rudolfo Will You Remember (Sweet heart)? - Ottillie, Richard Wayne ACT 2 Opening Mazurka - Chorus Jump Jim Crow - Matthew van Zandt, Chorus The Road to Paradise - Ottillie, Matthew van Zandt Spanish Dance - Estrella Amorita Will You Remember (Sweetheart)? (reprise) - Signor Vivalla ACT 3 Auction Chorus (Odd Lots, Job Lots) (Opening) - Ensemble Reminiscence - Little Dick Wayne aged 5 ACT 4 Selling Gowns (Lyrics by Cyrus Wood.) - Ottillie, Girls Dancing Will Keep You Young (Lyrics by Cyrus Wood.) - Ermintrude d'Albert, Matthew van Zandt Only One Girl for Me - Dicky Wayne, Girls Will You Remember (Sweetheart)? (reprise) - Ottillie, Dicky Wayne