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11. Life of Mine - Kate 12. Hopping Dance - Ensemble 13. I Long to See the Day - 14. Comes a Time - Kate 15. Amendment to a Motion - Company 16. Waiting - Company 17. Life of mine SCENES & SETTINGS Act I • The cutting-room at the match factory. • Hope Court. • Beside Gladstone's statue. • The Free Thought Bookshop. • On the way to the House of Commons. Act II • Hope Court. • The Bookshop. • By the river. • Outside the Company's Head Office. • Charrington's Brewery. Within a permanent basic full-stage set (Hope Court), the other scenes are formed either with simple insets, by traveller curtains or drop cloths, or by making minor alterations to the basic set ORCHESTRATION Piano Conductor, Double Bass, Alto Sax, Clarinet, Tenor Sax, Trumpet, Percussion