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doing on the Johnny Carson Show where she tells the sad story of this year's slipped disco queen, Lola, in: "Copacabana." Back in her room, she's feeling better because she has exorcised so many feelings … she starts making a list of her assets … her three kids … her husband is the oldest. She says maybe if she could just make peace with them and simply say to them "My New Friends" then she makes her final list: "The Song of Lists." "My Mother Was A Fortune Teller," Reprise. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Up! Up! Up! 2. My Mother Was a Fortune Teller 3. Cheerleader 4. What Makes Me Love HIm? 5. Don't Laugh 6. No One’s Toy 7. Women's Medley 8. Don’t Wish 9. Up! Up! Up! - Reprise 10. Better 11. Copacabana 12. My New Friends 13. A Song of Lists 14. My Mother Was a Fortune Teller - Reprise DISCOGRAPHY Madwoman of Central Park West - Original Cast Album