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Realising that Jane and Michael still have a lot to learn, Mary decides to leave Cherry Tree Lane to bring them to their senses. Her distraught charges find a note bidding them 'au revoir' ("goodbye", "see ya" in French), which they learn from Mrs. Brill, means that perhaps they will see Mary Poppins again. Act II Unfortunately, in a misguided attempt to please her husband, Mrs Banks arranges for his childhood nanny, Miss Andrew, to take over from the suddenly departed Mary. At the very sight of her, Mr. Banks flees, terrified. To everyone's shock and dismay, Miss Andrew is a brutal and cruel tyrant, rejecting any notion of a 'spoonful of sugar' in favour of her own terrible elixir. Terrified of their new nanny, the children escape to the park and find their good friend Bert, who cheers them up and helps Michael fulfil his dream of flying a kite. This marks the return of Mary Poppins. Jane and Michael are thrilled to be reunited with her, and quickly tell her of the changes that have gone on at Number 17. Also hiding in the park is George, who is depressed over his supposed lack of achievements. Searching for him is Winifred, who at last understands her husband and the damage that was done to him by Miss Andrew. When the children return to Number 17, Mary sets Caruso, Miss Andrew's lark, free from his cage. This leads to confrontation between the two nannies. Winifred and then George return at this point, surprised but pleased that Miss Andrew has left. On their next adventure, Bert introduces the children to his friends the chimney sweeps. The sweeps' dance eventually enters the house, causing chaos. As the sweeps quickly exit, George receives a telegram from the bank requesting his presence there. George assumes that it is to seal his fate, and decides its time to sell the family heirloom. When the vase is shattered by accident, it reveals a collection of gingerbread stars from George's childhood. This leads to a brief moment of reflection for George. After shaking hands with Bert, George leaves to meet the Chairman of the Bank. At the children's encouragement, Winifred decides to follow her heart and be at George's side at the bank. Unseen to anyone else, Mary takes Jane and Michael to follow, where they watch the unfolding events. At the bank, George is shocked to learn the truth about his choice: far from ruining the bank, he has made a fortune. They ask for the word that made them so successful, which George admits it to be Mary Poppins' word, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Winifred, arriving to defend her husband, finds instead he is the hero of the hour. George apologises for underestimating her, and together they return to the house. Mary realises that with the family reunited and happy, her task is done. With regret she says goodbye to Bert with a kiss,and sets off. Jane and Michael accept that Mary has left again, knowing that they no longer need her. The two children watch as their parents waltz happily together and Mary flies high above the audience, disappearing in a flash. MUICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue / Chim Chim Cher-ee - Bert 2. Cherry Tree Lane Part 1 - George & Winifred Banks, Jane and Michael, Mrs Brill and Robertson Ay 3. The Perfect Nanny - Jane and Michael 4. Cherry Tree Lane Part II - George & Winifred Banks, Jane and Michael, Mrs Brill and Robertson Ay 5. Practically Perfect - Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael 6. Jolly Holiday - Bert, Mary Poppins, Jane, Michael, Neleus and the Statues 7. Cherry Tree Lane (Reprise)