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sometimes be the best means of seduction ... The evening ends with two wistfully innocent predictions of domestic bliss: Who Could Be Blue? in an Little White House. We have spent an evening with two lonely, single people in their shabby rented rooms. But, through their songs, we've glimpsed a rich and moving fantasy life. CHARACTERS - There are two players only. a YOUNG MAN and a YOUNG WOMAN. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Saturday Night (from Saturday Night) - Woman, Man 2. Two Fairy Tales (cut from A Little Night Music) - Woman, Man 3. Can That Boy Foxtrot! (cut from Follies) - Woman, Man 4. All Things Bright and Beautiful (cut from Follies) - Woman, Man 5. Bang! (cut from A Little Night Music) - Woman, Man 6. All Things Bright and Beautiful (Part 2) (cut from Follies) - Woman, Man 7. The Girls of Summer (fromThe Girls of Summer) - Woman, Man 8. Uptown, Downtown (cut from Follies) - Man 9. So Many People (from Saturday Night) - Woman, Man 10. Your Eyes Are Blue (cut from A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum) - Woman, Man 11. A Moment With You (from Saturday Night) - Woman, Man 12. Marry Me a Little (from Company) - Woman 13. Happily Ever After (cut from Company) - Man 14. Pour Le Sport (fromThe Last Resorts, unproduced) - Woman, Man 15. Silly People (cut from A Little Night Music) - Man 16. There Won’t Be Trumpets (cut from Anyone Can Whistle) - Woman, Man 17. It Wasn’t Meant to Happen (cut from Follies) - Man, Woman 18. Who Could Be Blue? (cut from Follies) - Man, Woman 19. Little White House (cut from Follies) - Man, Woman ORCHESTRATION Piano DISCOGRAPHY Marry Me A Little (1981 Original Off-Broadway Cast) Marry Me A Little - New Cast Recording