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• Boys • By the Country Stile • Come Nestle In My Arms • The Futurist Whirl • Golden Day Of Love • It Might Be an Oomps Sight Worse It might well be that these are the Americanised versions of those included in the English version. CAST: • Jack Fleetwood - known as "Slippery Jack" • Senator Abe K. Gilroy • Bald-Faced Sandy - Sheriff of Mendocino bluff and proprietor of the Palace Hotel Cowboys • Mexican Bill • Shorty • Tabasco Ned • Cheyenne Harry • Hi-Ti - a Chinese bar-keeper • Padre Pedro - A Spanish Priest • Captain on the 'Mariposa' Guests on the yacht • Dolly • Pansy • Peach • Dora • Dolores • Kitty Kent Spanish and American cowboys, Spanish and American girls, Miners, Sailors, Guests, Middies, Footmen, etc. SYNOPSIS OF SCENES: Act 1 - Mendocino Bluff, Southern California Act 2 - The Yacht Mariposa anchored in the Bay of San Francisco Act 3 - Senator Gilroy's Palace, San Francisco