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unconsciously wedded in the marriage market sale. In spite of the jealous moments of the former, and the misunderstandings of the latter, their respective problems are resolved to the satisfaction of all, and wine and dance prevail at the wedding banquet in the palatial hall of the senator's San Francisco residence. "Reproduced courtesy of Don Gillan (Copyright), MUSICAL NUMBERS: Act I 1. OPENING SONG & CHORUS - Little Chiquita - Pablo and Chorus - "Then pay and suffle the pack" 2. TRIO - Compliments - Mariposa, Kitty and Jack - "Can you tell us when the festival commences?" 3. DUET - Never Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched - Emma and Blinker - "My young lady's not accepting ev'ry peer who's in low water" 4. SONG - American Courtship - Kitty - "Now if yoour fortune should make you" 5. DUET - The One I Love - Mariposa and Jack - "If I could find my unknown girl" 6. CHORUS - Come On Boys For This Is Market Day - Chorus of Cowboys and Girls 7. QUARTET - Hand In Hand - Mariposa, Jack, Kitty and Hurlingham - I have always understood that a maid was shy" 8. FINALE Act I - "Really, truly, isn't it awful Act II 9. OPENING CHORUS - "Half a mile away from 'Frisco Town" 10. SONG - All the Ladies Love a Sailor Man - Captain & Chorus - "Scarce a breath across the bay" 11. DUET - Love Of Mine - Mariposa and Jack - Oh, how near and yet how far" 12. SONG - The Middy - Kitty & Chorus of Middies - I love to meet the sailors of the fleet" 13. SONG - A 1 - Blinker & Chorus of Girls - "Though I must admit that I was not born to fame" 14. CONCERTED NUMBER - On Their Honeymoon - Company - "As soon as we are tied up we'll all make up a party" 15. REMINISCENCE 16. 15a - DUET - June Is In the Air - Mariposa and Jack - "June is in the air, roses everywhere" 17. SONG - Answers - Kitty - "When a girl of any nation" 18. DUET - How Things Happen - Hurlingham and Blinker - "I like a girl, and the girl likes me" 19. FINALE Act 2 - "Belay, my men!" Act III 20. OPENING CHORUS - "We drink success to both of you" 21. SONG - It's Late Now - Blinker - "I'm the bridegroom just at present" 22. SONG - Jilolo - Kitty - "When I'm up a tree" 23. FINALE - "Now the clouds have passed away" Additional Numbers 1. I'm Not A Silly Billy - Kitty - "When a compliment a man is paying" 2. The Boy In Blue - Captain - "The boy in blue is a sailor" 3. I Don't Believe In Fairies Now - Blinker - Many years ago, before I was a man" 4. The Heart of a Sailor - Captain and chorus - "Scarce a breath across the bay" 5. Very Little Time For Loving Nowadays - Blinker and chorus - "When a lover woo'd a maid" 6. Joy Bells - Blinker and chorus - "I've taken this woman" The above listing is taken from the original vocal score. There is considerable difference between this grouping and that which was presented in America. The following songs do not appear in the Vocal Score.