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without attracting any attention because ‘Nobody Knows’. Scene Three As the affair with Arthur deepens, the couple are torn by their need for each other coupled with the total incompatibility of their lifestyles. They are driven closer together by the McCarthy witch-hunts and are married in a whirlwind of publicity. They travel to England where Marilyn is to make a film with Laurence Olivier. Scene Four In England, there is finally time and space to take stock of things and Marilyn suddenly realises that her life with Arthur is ‘Too Good To Be True’. They have both put each other on a pedestal and the relationship is doomed. She takes to her bed with Zelda, and Norma, trying to fend off crippling feelings of self-loathing and doubt which the nights bring. She becomes more dependant on drink and drugs, leading to a miscarriage and eventually an attempted overdose. Having lost a baby and losing a husband, Marilyn is left ‘Wondering’ what could have been…. Scene Five With her marriage to Arthur in tatters, Marilyn returns to Hollywood but the vultures are circling and she realises that ‘Something’s Got To Give’. Joe returns to her life, providing a little stability. But where is the truth amongst all the rumours? Scene Six Throughout the show Marilyn, Norma Jeane and Zelda have become increasingly at odds with each other over who is in control of the stories they are telling. Now the relationship between them reaches breaking point as Zelda loses control, pushing Norma Jeane and Marilyn away in a desperate bid to be recognized for her own worth. But the more she tries to grab her independence the more the show descends into chaos. Marilyn, Norma Jeane and those around them desperately plead with Zelda to 'Wake Up' to the havoc she is wreaking but with the bond between them broken, chaos ensues and in a horrible parody of Marilyn, Zelda must ‘Say Goodbye’ before she collapses and their story is finally over. Musical Numbers 1. Wake Up 2. In My Dreams 3. Blah And Blah/Someone/M Is For Me 4. Coming Back To Life 5. Too Much 6. Close Your Eyes 7. M Is For More 8. Wondering 9. Something's Got To Give 10. Something's Got To Give (Reprise) CAST: • Marilyn Monroe The movie star • Norma Jeane Mortensen The young girl • Zelda Zonk The intellectual • Jimmy Docherty • Johnny Hyde • Joe Di Maggio • Arthur Miller • Ensemble All other characters as required. These can be doubled by the four men.