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MARIGOLD A musical romance in 2 acts by Alan Melville; music by Charles Zwar. Based on the play by F.R. Pryor and L. Allen Harker. Savoy Theatre, London - 27 May, 1959. Transferred to the Saville Theatre 13th July, 1959. Closed 1st August 1959 (77 perfs) SYNOPSIS Madame Marly, the famous French actress, lives in a Highland manse, caring for her “secret” daughter, Marigold, who believes she is an orphan. Marigold goes absent, forsaking the wasp-ridden raspberry garden to see Queen Victoria's Edinburgh visit and to see a certain handsome Captain Archie Forsyth. With a comic Scottish aunt, Mrs Pringle, a text-quoting divinity student, Peter Gloag, and James Payton, a turnip loving suitor, the show features such delights as the whole company executing an elaborate Scottish Reel, and a scene where Captain Forsyth and his fellow officers get progressively more and more tipsy as they sample different liquors drinking a heath to Her Majesty. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Romance at the Manse - Mrs Pringle & Chorus 2. Love Can't Be Learned - Marigold & Chorus 3. The New Bohemian Polka - Lt Duncannon, Captain Lumsden, Mordan, Major Sellar, Captain Innes & Chorus 4. According to Mr Payton - Marigold, Mrs Pringle & Chorus 5. Always Ask Your Heart - Archie Forsyth 6. Princes Street - Marigold & Chorus 7. Her Majesty's Health - Archie Forsyth & Chorus 8. Wonderful View - Archie Forsyth & Marigold 9. Reel - Chorus 10. Present Day Youth - Company 11. Reprise: Always Ask Your Heart - Archie 12. Fashionable Pair - Marigold, Mrs Pringle & Chorus 13. Finale DISCOGRAPHY Marigold / Melvillainy - Original London Cast Recording