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finally by all the women. Dawn arrives. Marie Christine walks towards the cold, rising light, into the burning sun. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Before the Morning 2. MamzeII' Marie 3. Your Grandfather Is the Sun 4. Beautiful 5. In an Instant 6. Way Back to Paradise 7. When You Look at a Man 8. The Storm 9. C'est l'amour 10. To Find a Lover 11. Nothing Beats Chicago 12. Ocean Is Different 13. Danced With a Girl 14. Tout Mi Mi 15. He Is My Release 16. Miracles and Mysteries 17. I Don't Hear the Ocean 18. Bird Inside the House 19. We're Gonna Go to Chicago 20. And You Would Lie 21. I Will Give 22. Act I Finale 23. Cincinnati 24. You're Looking at the Man 25. The Scorpion 26. Lover, Bring Me Summer 27. Tell Me 28. Billy Was Sweet 29. Paradise Is Burning Down 30. Prison In a Prison 31. Better and Best 32. Good Looking Woman 33. No Turning Back 34. Before the Morning (reprise) 35. Beautiful (reprise) 36. I Will Love You 37. Your Name 38. Finale—Innocence Dies CAST - (in order of stage appearance) • Prisoner No. 1 • Prisoner No. 2 • Prisoner No. 3 • Marie Christine L'Adrese • Marie Christine's Mother • Serpent • Dante Keyes • Celeste, a maid • Ozelia, a maid • Jean L'Adrese, • Marie Christine's elder brother • Paris L'Adrese, the younger brother • Lisette, Marie Christine's maid • Joachim, a valet • Osmond, a valet • Monsieur St. Vinson • Monsieur Archambeau • Beatrice, Jean's fiancée • The children of Marie Christine and Dante • Magdalena, an entertainer • Petal, Magdalena's "daughter' • Duchess, Magdalena's "daughter" • Charles Gates, Dante's financier • Bartender • Bar Patron • Leary, associate of Gates • McMahon, associate of Gates • Esau Parker • Olivia Parker • Grace Parker • Helena, Gates' daughter • Chaka [drums] • Ensemble ORCHESTRATION Keyboards & Synthesizer: Woodwinds: Trumpets: French Horns: Violins: Viola: Cello: Acoustic & Electric Bass: Percussion: SCENES AND SETTINGS Prelude: A Prison Act 1: 1894. A park on Lake Pontchartrain outside New Orleans Marie Christine's home on Mandolin Street in New Orleans and its interiors as erll as its garconniere and ballroom A pier Act 2: 1899 A Saloon in the First Ward, Chicago An Alleyway A small house and its interior Interior of a Church DISCOGRAPHY Marie Christine (Original Broadway Cast Recording)